Sundaze 212

This week felt like a complete whirlwind. It genuinely feels like it was only a minute ago that I wrote the last Sundaze! Since then, I’m now officially freelancing again, my second vaccine has been…

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A Penchant for Self-preservation

“I haven’t quite dared myself to open up those notebooks just yet, but the overarching theme is self-preservation. A budding need to capture every moment, no matter how mundane, and tell others that I’m here,…

Doing Away with Daily Routines

I came to a conclusion, the other afternoon. Implementing a routine made up of daily tasks has reduced me to someone that’s highly strung and dependent on said routine. There, I said it. There was…

Sundaze 211

Happy Sunday, friends!! This week absolutely flew by. I can barely remember most of it, but what I do remember is worth savouring. In fact, I’m certain it’s one I’ll remember in years to come….

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