Today I thought I’d write about a topic that often crops up in the blogging community.

“Why do you blog?”

With hundreds of thousands of blogs already circulating the Internet at the time of writing, and increasing opportunities born from what started as a hobby for many, blogging has garnered a reputation and has generated a new brand of pressure.

This post isn’t a dig at anybody, moreover it’s an open-ended letter about something that has nagged at me for a while. Although I study fashion and culture journalism and ideally want to work in the fashion industry afterwards, I started this blog purely because I love writing. I love talking to the amazing people I’ve met through blogging, I love being able to see how my style and styling abilities have evolved, and I love reading other blogs.

Recently, the blogging community has been the talk of the town: it was rumoured that Tavi of Style Rookie was undertaking the role of Editor at French Vogue – she’ll actually be co-editing a magazine – there are always debates about how “qualified” bloggers are to attend fashion shows, and there is always a little, underlying, competitive streak in all of us. Although the ‘Followers vs Readers’ debate has already been excellently articulated posts written by Gem, Alyse and some other bloggers, it is still a daily battle between people who are here simply to talk about the things they love, and those who are here for giveaways, numbers and freebies.

Personally, I like to keep myself outside of ‘drama’ online. I used to struggle with haters, and rude and inappropriate comments both on my blog and on Formspring, which is why I try not to involve myself too much.

There is also the debate that ‘if you blog, you should expect these comments’. I don’t think this is true by any standards. You wouldn’t say these things and expect people to showcase their entire lives in real-life, so why should you “expect” any different online? I suppose my main point here is that blogging has really brought about a lot of unnecessary pressure. Lighten up guyz!

Increasingly, I’m seeing multiple same-y posts in my dashboard, all raving about the same product. Take the Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle: Kelly posted a great review about it, spurring on a huge interest and hundreds (I lie, I don’t follow that many blogs!) of similar reviews on the product. In a way, I feel a lot of bloggers are now feeling the pressure to blog about hyped-about products just to bring in the followers.

I know this has somewhat become a bit of a ramble in places. Just thought I’d put it out there that blogging should return to its’ lighthearted fun that I remember it being as recently as the summer. I’ve learnt to deal with haters and negativity by simply ignoring and deleting a la Gem, I’m not scared to put myself out there to some extent, but I don’t let the peer pressure get to me either anymore.

What are your thoughts on feeling pressured to blog? Do you often find you blog about things you don’t necessarily enjoy, just to satisfy your followers?

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