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And so continues the bag obsession of 2014. This weekend I’m pining over the Givenchy Antigona (£1,395). Reasons? The textured leather, boxy soft structured shape, top handle-ness and practicality all spring to mind, and Pinterest‘s influence doesn’t hurt either.

Best friends, the sister, my goldfish (I’m only kidding) and mere acquaintances have all been briefed on just how much I need this one, and each response has been pretty unanimous.

“Michelle, you’ve finally lost the plot.”

But hear me out on this one, it’s a chic and more sleek version of the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 (#sorrynotsorry) that I so favoured when I was about 15, and it’ll do everything you need it to. Case en pointe:

Scenario 1) I need to carry a book, iPod and make-up bag alongside my usual daily essentials. This one would even play temporary-home (I don’t want to liken the Antigona to a tent or a caravan, really, I don’t) to my favourite Harry P tome – Half-Blood Prince.

Scenario 2) “I’m just going to work!” Except that phrase never really rings true. If you’re anything like me, going to work means taking a week’s worth of food for afternoon snacks, 3 different lip balms, needing a dedicated zipped place for work pass/Oyster card holding, taking spare teabags and my 2014 diary too.

Scenario 3) Stopping over at your best friend’s/boyfriend’s/neighbour’s dog’s stuffed animal friend’s house in the evening ends up to become a midnight affair. You know the sort. Where you’ve already popped a toothbrush and spare cardigan in the side zipper in case you can’t be bothered to make an extra trip home.

Scenario 4) I’ve been taken hostage by a Magi and to regain my place amongst my equals, I need to show that I can carry enough supplies for all. Perhaps this one was a little farfetched…

Need I say more?! Are you a fan of the Antigona? Share your potential Givenchy scenarios with me in the comments…

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