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11 Prompts and Ways to Approach Lifestyle Posts
… Hey. So the so-called “final” post in my January ‘Blogging with Daisybee’ series seemed to go down well and with the winter slump well and truly getting us all in the area, I thought I’d sneak in another post along the same lines.

Lifestyle blogging is, without sounding like a tool, the most natural thing. The way I see and execute it is that I document my life as it happens. No pre-empted ‘ooh will someone be there to photograph my outfit?’ thoughts, simple. While I honestly have never had to sit and think ‘man, I have no blog post ideas’, I often get emails from people asking for tips to get started with post ideas. So here we go:

  • Share your to-do list and a snap of how you plan to go about it. Time to sharpen up those flatlay skills!
  • On a health kick? How about sharing your 3 (or more) meals from the day and the recipes?
  • Write a post all about the last photograph you took on your phone.
  • In a similar manner, tag another blogger to do the same. Or better yet, collab and write a very-short story on each others’ last photo.
  • Tell me about your favourite school memory.
  • Daydreamer? Write a little piece about a daydream and add a photograph. Blog posts don’t always have to make sense to everyone.
  • Reformat your day trip photo diary to haiku or sonnet form!
  • Make a seasonal to-do list like mine here.
  • Make a stop-motion video of how you honestly pack your bag to go out. The reality show version of a What’s In My Bag.
  • Take a breather from the long posts and challenge yourself to create one awesome blog post with just 1x photo and 25x words.
  • Create a 5-stop guide to your favourite restaurants, shops, places, etc.

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