2016 has arguably been the year of the Girl Boss. What has always been in the back of our minds – that, yes, we can have everything we’ve ever wanted if we bloody well work for it and go after it – has become reality for several of us. I suppose the phrase was coined by Sophia Amoruso, author of the infamous #Girlboss book (shop it here!) and founder of Nasty Gal, but it’s a pretty well-known term amongst the modern woman today too. Girls, women, are bossin’ it from every angle: careers, relationships, friendships, empowerment, skill sharing…

You name it, we’re doing it. Probably.

But with every positive vibe and great mindset comes its own unique sets of qualms, anxieties, niggles. ’Am I doing this right?’ ‘Am I enough?’ ‘Is my working hard the same as her working hard?’ ‘Should I just give up and go home?’ ‘What if I’m not what they expect?’ It happens. I’d know. As Corrie also so aptly mentioned, it’s pretty normal to feel uneasy about your supposed Girl Boss status once in a while.

You see, this is an age of newness: not only are we always craving something new, we’re becoming something new, some of us forging career paths that’ve never been known, others trying new ventures for the very first time.

We’re innovating and changing the female career landscape before our very eyes with every encouraging Tweet, every new full-time blogger, every independent boutique opened, every milestone reached in traditional jobs. Despite the testing times in Britain and across the pond, there’s no shadow of a doubt that we are paving the way for a glowing future, however uncertain others may slate it. I mean, it isn’t any more uncertain that the likelihood of us all owning homes, right?

It’s time to stop being so tough on ourselves. Whether that’s beating yourself up (metaphorically, of course) for having another 10-minute beauty sleep lie-in or feeling guilty about shoving some chocolate in your morning porridge instead of having an acai bowl or even feeling like your Instagram feed isn’t white enough, isn’t glossy enough, isn’t urban enough. I mean, there’s plenty of white in the world.

Instead, remember how bloody well awesome you are! Firstly, you’re here on Daisybutter which is a total Monday winner in itself! Secondly, there’s not a single other person on this globe with the same passions as you, with the same precious colourings as you, with the same well-tailored skills as you, with the same hopes and aspirations as you.

You’re pretty special.

Today’s social media landscape is a polished medium. Algorithms run riot to predict what we want to see and advertising is more rampant than ever. And newsflash, bloggers aren’t the dishonest ones. Being a little less tough on yourself can include little rewards for reaching little milestones, making an effort to celebrate how you caught a new bus on a new route for the first time, reminding yourself that your dream and aspirations is probably wholly different from your fellow Girl Boss’ who seems to be acing every day.

5 Quotes To Think About, Today:

  • Choose kind over cool.
  • You will be too much for some people. Those aren’t your people.
  • We show off our houses and food and clothes, but not what’s in our heads.
  • Kind heart. Fierce mind. Brave spirit.
  • Show them all you’re not the ordinary type.

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