Over the past week or so, I’ve been trying to sandwich in more self-care and attempting to take some time for myself. I never learn from my own lessons and of course hadn’t revisited my post all about self-care alchemy, so have spent some time doing just that.

I don’t necessarily mean taking a day off and indulging in a bath with a few candles lit — although if that brings you as much joy as it does me, steam on ahead! — I mean actually taking a step back from your everyday mundane and your everyday routine to do something that sets your soul alight. Perhaps that’s setting up camp in the kitchen and baking several batches of cookies in tantalising flavours or maybe it’s finding time away from constantly seeing friends and attending to this and that to hole yourself up and work on your blog and/or side hustle. Self-care can be all kinds of thing, it’s particular to your self.

So, this week I think you should take yourself on a date.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy three-course solo meal at [insert chain restaurant here 😉 ] and it doesn’t even have to include picking yourself up at the doorstep. Book in an evening that’s just for you, switch off those devices and indulge in something you haven’t in a while. And get your mind out of the gutters!

I’ll be doing so by heading to the hair salon for the first time in 14 months (whoops!) and getting my hair cut, then replenishing my wardrobe with some cosy clothing. I haven’t had a seasonal shop (a.k.a. buying more than one item a month!) all year and I think it’ll do me some good to have some exciting new pieces to slip into. Lord knows I spent most of September feeling too low to change out of my pyjamas…

Then I plan to rustle up a warming autumnal dinner. I’ve been trying to get back on board with planning my weekly meals as often I’m a solo diner with everybody here, there and everywhere. Except for this homebody.

Let me know how you’d spend your ideal date with yourself!

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