What is so bad about opting for neutrals, time and time again?

Rainbow brights proudly stand centre-stage at the moment and at surface level, it’s easy to see why. It indicates an equally bright and vivacious personality. It spreads joy to those around the wearer, both young and old. It represents a sunnier clime and proudly proclaims that there is more, more, more to see here, thank you very much.

Me? I’m a lover of neutrals.

At a push, I can bring a little pastel to my sartorial edit.

And throughout my adult life, I’ve been made to feel as though it isn’t right.

Not stylish. A bit plain Jane.

“How can anybody possibly know what you’re about?!”

Well, it’s 2019 and I don’t need my clothes to tell people what I’m about.

In fact, I don’t really want people walking by my on the street for a split second to know me at all or to afford them the opportunity to judge me on my clothing. (Sometimes I am just ‘comfy’ or ‘walking home from the gym’, after all.)

Shop the look:

Neutrals are easy. They’re comforting and a true safety blanket. I save precious minutes in the morning knowing that I could pretty much pull anything out of the bag (cough, wardrobe) and it’ll look somewhat chic.

They paint a blank canvas, upon which I can become anybody I want to be. A book lover, nestled in the corner of a coffee shop. A detective, striding down the High Street in a trench coat. A Chinese-Scandi, clad in a turtleneck, cigarette pants and white trainers. A brave Instagrammer, walking towards the farms in heeled sock boots.

Are you a neutrals lover? Or do you naturally gravitate towards rainbow hues? Why do you think that may be?

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