And then it was Sunday again.

I’ve been exhausted this week. Mostly because I downloaded a game called ‘Animal Hot Springs’ and I’ve been prolonging bedtime by ensuring my little fox, raccoon and cat friends have had the right spa essentials. You know me, not one to disappoint!

Consequently, the name of the game for the coming week is MORE SLEEP.

I’m now two weeks into the commuter grind and slowly falling into a routine again. I went to the gym! I took a lunch break outdoors without combusting and having a panic attack! I feel like my old self again which is good and bad, and I’m getting so much commute reading in again. As much as I love when my career lets me do as I please with my days, I’m really enjoying this season of routine, seeing real people and facing my fears head on.

Workout with me

Like I mentioned, I’m back at the gym again after a brief break. One of the things I was most worried about was how I’d slot my gym sessions in to a 9-5 working week.

Firstly, I can confirm it means eating dinner at around 9pm. Secondly, it just works. I love looking forward to a lifting session after a day sat at my desk.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll also have seen that I share my workout routines on Stories and save them on my Highlights. I always receive such great feedback when I share anything gym-related as I guess it helps alleviate anxiety of not knowing what to do, so if you’re interested, pop over to Instagram to work out with me.

Finding the work/life sweet spot

Having always had either a traditional 9-5 job or worked with clients acclimatised to the 9-5 day, it hasn’t been too difficult getting used to the hours. But what I’ve noticed is that sometimes, not having much to do is great.

Something that I disliked when working in an office was the pressure to be doing something after work. But actually, I’m embracing having no plans. My only plans after work are ‘file invoice’, ‘watch Netflix’ and ‘make dinner’. And it’s great!

This week I’m hoping to start writing a post all about my career, so if you have any burning questions, leave them in the comments below.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s (and Galentine’s!) passed fairly quietly and without fanfare this year. I’m not a huge celebrator of the Hallmark holiday, but Harvey and I did enjoy a belated celebratory dinner on Friday night.

We made sweetcorn fritter burgers and all the party food bits, before spending the night gaming and watching YouTube videos. The dream! Gifts wise, he surprised me with chocolate and Method cleaner(!!) And I surprised him with a sharing bag of his favourite crisps.

It’s absolutely the little things that mean the most.

Newsletter vs. Facebook group?

This week I’ve been brainstorming ideas for my newsletter. It’s been left a little unloved in recent months and I’d love to refresh the format, so I’ve made lots of plans.

I’m hoping to nurture a little community where we can chat more candidly about of-the-moment matters that once sat so neatly on Daisybutter but don’t quite work with the current blog publishing tide. What do you think?

But then I also realised that some of the ideas might even work better in a private Facebook group! So, my question to you this week is, would you like a little private Facebook group for fellow Daisybutter readers?

Links I’ve Loved:

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  • I’m on a total interiors hype at the moment. So Helen’s post sharing 5 bedroom updates was right up my street!
  • Earlier in the week I read this post on The Everygirl and wished I could email it to my 20-year-old self.
  • After driving through The Cotswolds earlier this year I’ve been dreaming of visiting those adorable little villages. Chloe shared a mini travel guide to The Cotswolds on her incredible blog.
  • If you’re constantly umm’ing and ahh’ing about starting a bullet journal but don’t want to commit to the arty side of things, read Audrey’s no-fuss bullet journal guide.
  • Laura celebrated Chinese New Year and a new start with a poignant post on That’s So Yesterday.
  • An insightful article about competitive shopping and how brands are using innovative new tactics to keep bricks-and-clicks retail interesting.
  • Lastly, a beautiful post on the Rituals blog about mindfulness, inspired by Winnie the Pooh.

Posts This Week:

How was your week, this week? Happy Sundaze!

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