More days than not, I see fellow bloggers and content creators proclaiming their triumphant return to tumbleweed-ridden blogs.

Whether to simply return to creating long-form content – that is clearly trending across the board – to shake off the polished, editorial style that became popular a few years ago, or simply to have a place that’s all ours, I’m here for this movement.

As a long-term blogger that recently celebrated their 9th blogging anniversary, I’m regularly asked questions about starting a blog and all that comes with it, so here’s my guide to four styles of blogging and how they could work for you…

The Editorial Blog

Arguably the most common ‘style’ of blog at the moment is the polished and glossy, mock editorial blog. I can’t honestly even pinpoint when this happened, but it was probably around the 2013/14 mark when we saw magazines fold and blogs shoot up in popularity.

This style of blogging is definitely suited to those seeking to impart wisdom, tell stories or generally create long-form content that would provide a function. Perhaps it’s a manual for makeup tutorials or features regular content and weekly columns, or perhaps it emulates a fashion magazine and provides plenty of outfit inspiration, or maybe it shares specialist knowledge because they were trained in a particular field.

Either way, the editorial is absolutely trending at the moment – for good reason.

Blogs doing it well:

The Diary Blog

One of my favourite styles of blog is the diary blog. A relaxed, chatty way of getting to know somebody and their life. I think I’d class Daisybutter as an editorial-diary hybrid. Certainly when I was just starting out I treated the blog as a diary: each day I’d get home from Uni or work and type out a few thoughts on my day alongside candid outfit photos and oddments from my day.

This style of blogging would be well-suited to those that simply love to write for fun and because they enjoy blogging. They don’t necessarily have huge think-pieces to divulge or hold any authority (be that through influence or having specialist knowledge), but readers are interested in their real-girl (or guy!) experiences in style, beauty, life and beyond.

I adore this style the most because it feels like a completely organic way of being inspired by somebody’s entire lifestyle, not by a niche or via tutorial.

Blogs doing it well:

The Portfolio Blog

With the community full of incredibly talented and inspiring creatives, it’s no wonder that the portfolio blog has become a bit of a ‘thing’ of late. A portfolio blog is a candid way of sharing work and showcasing why one came to that end result, and can serve as a brilliant interview tool.

This style of blogging would be suited to, well, creatives! If you command knowledge in your field, why not show it off? It can add clout to your work and draw in a new following and potential client base of people genuinely interested in working with you. I guess I’d class brand blogs as editorial-portfolio hybrids. Ultimately brand blogs exist to capture customers, much as portfolios do.

Blogs doing it well:

The Semi-Private Blog

Lastly – for this post at least – the semi-private blog. I’m a true blogging dinosaur as I started Daisybutter in 2010 and was lucky enough to slowly monetise it in the same, surreal year. And back then, I didn’t know how people stumbled across blogs, I just knew that I had come across several in the form of Zoe’s, Milly’s and Victoria’s.

We each wrote as though nobody was writing because we were genuinely, completely writing them for ourselves as a log of beauty reviews, diary posts and personal style. I find this now-rare blog style absolutely magical, as they afford us a tiny window into somebody’s life. This style of blog is perfect for those simply wishing to document life, without addressing an omnipresent audience.

Blogs doing it well:

I hope this post helped you decide how to begin your blog, align your current vision, or gave you existing content creators a little food for thought.

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