It’s Day Four of non-stop chocolate consumption and I’m feeling good.

What a treat to have a stretch of a pair and two spares of days to spend however we please, eh? I started the weekend off – on Thursday night – with a soak in a bubble bath, and no plans at all. And now I’m suitably exhausted from too-much-too-soon, for this introvert at least!

On Friday, I had the BEST lie-in ever. Honestly, I swear by a lie-in once a week just to let your body get itself back up to scratch. I’d had one too many late nights last week to get some client work over the line, so it was totally needed. In fact, I think I ended up having 11 hours of sleep that night! The plan was to then spend my day cosied up in my office, working on some blog admin and getting my shoot list in order, but the weather was just too good, so my sister and I headed out for a long dog walk.

We took coffees (in our SoL and Huski flasks!), donned old trainers and bare legs, and headed out to a nearby field for a deliciously warm walk underneath the blossoms and above daisies. How could you resist a face like Milo’s?! I miss these walks the most when I’m down in London. There’s nothing more special than having the freedom to dictate your own days.

Then, we headed to my boyfriend’s and enjoyed a puppy date between three! Milo, Marley and Pixie had the best time getting under our feet and were each suitably exhausted by the end. It totally piqued my need to have ALL THE DOGS. Watch this space…

On Saturday, Louise and I drove to Hitchin for a day underneath blue skies. It’s a pretty dog-friendly town, so we packed Milo’s bag (out of shot here!) and went for brunch at Chia. Chia is a local, ‘naturally healthy’ eatery; they’re totally plant-based and I’ve loved visiting for ages – even before I went vegan! We sat outside and people-watched whilst Milo befriended all of the local pups and we enjoyed ALL THE FOOD and a delicious banana mylkshake. If you’re local to Hertfordshire, you must visit!

For the occasion, I debuted my new midi skirt. I picked it up from my old favourite Korean clothing boutique in Hong Kong last month, and I’d been dying to whip it out. It’s a beautiful cream hue with coffee-coloured polka dots – a dream! Plus, at £16, it’s a darn sight more affordable than the And Other Stories coffee bean-print one I’d been eyeing up!

Yesterday, Harvey and I spent Easter Sunday scoffing homemade vegan banana bread (thanks Mama!) and our Booja Booja Easter eggs. So delicious! We headed out for a little coffee run and then had a perfectly slow day indoors, recuperating from the storm of being sociable.

Isn’t that one of life’s biggest dilemmas when the seasons finally begin to turn? Wanting to go out and maximise the weather, but also feeling super drained from being away from home comforts. I digress. We’ve had such a perfect set of days.

Anyway, our friends are popping round for a spot of food – we’re putting on a vegan spread in the garden! – and we also need to watch Game of Thrones ASAP, because social media is dark and full of spoilers. So I’ll catch you in the comments, and over on Instagram?

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