One of my favourite things about the city of Hong Kong is its innate ability to make you feel like a tiny drop in the ocean. Or a little slab in a concrete jungle. Famously one of the most densely populated countries in the world, I relished sitting on my hotel windowsill and looking across to thousands of light-peppered windows. A world (or more) existing in every frame, myriad celebrations, trials and stories captured in each one. And that a quick glance left or right rewards you with even more made-up tales.

We shot these photos in the ubiquitous Choi Hung Estate.

Our hotel was just a stone’s throw away from it (I could see it from our window!), and I just couldn’t resist. Back when I was a bona fide Hong Kong resident, I’d catch a minibus over to my friend’s place over in Sai Kung, and the minibus stop was opposite this estate. I loved spotting the pastel rainbow hues, and it is crazy that a mere 3/4 years later, that same council estate has become an Instagram phenomenon.

Tip: To reach it, simply catch the MTR to Choi Hung, take exit A3 and make a beeline for the south-east area of the expansive estate. These courts are up a short flight of stairs, atop a car park.

My ‘sliding doors’ thought trail continued as we embarked on a sticky 5-minute walk over to the basketball court. Evidently, the court was filled with people and I found myself discussing that very concept with Harvey. That we’d all happened to gather at the same online-famous spot to shoot. The thought that everyone is leading different lives that intersect for a few seconds each day. Our lives were all intersecting as we queued (yes!) for a fabled snap, they continued to intersect as we appeared in the far distance of each other’s’ photos, and probably would continue to when we checked the geotag and ‘liked’ one another’s photos.

“The thought that everyone is leading different lives that intersect for a few seconds each day.”

Anyway, the basketball court was hilariously crowded and it was such a sight to behold, almost 50 or so pairs of people posing for the ‘gram. Even Harvey got in on the action! And I suppose that’s a conversation for another day, isn’t it? The current trend in having what others’ have, social currency-wise.

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