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I first shared these photos as part of a sponsorship I produced for Boots, but I couldn’t resist sharing more of Sian’s amazing photography. Plus, as it was the first time I wore this dress, it’d be rude not to pen an ode to the hue that’s defining my summer thus far.

*That* Réalisation Par dress has been doing the rounds in the style pack – and for good reason. The label pride themselves on producing clothing from natural and completely biodegradable fabrics. They’re predominantly cut from silk crepe and are covetable-y crafted for the modern woman. The pricing, however, is a little far from reach for many and it isn’t surprising that many of their much-loved silhouettes are already being recreated.

Enter this adorable yellow sun dress from New Look. Snagged in a pre-summer sale for £7.99 (it’s now further reduced at the time of publishing), it’s been my go-to for these sprightly summer days and for combating sweaty commutes in London.

There’s just something about the sunshine hues that instantly brings a smile to my face. And that’s certainly a welcome feeling whilst I’ve felt so inanely stressed, run down and generally unwell recently. Most days, I get home after 11 hours out of the house, prepare dinner and settle down with business admin, before flopping down on the sofa for Love Island, taking a shower and immediately falling asleep.

The work-life balance certainly isn’t there right now but I’m ready to take a hint or two from my sartorial choices and mellow out for the summer. So far? I’ve handed the baton for two of my clients to fellow freelance copywriter pals to lessen the load. Some nights I’ve worked until 1am, and I’m just not an advocate for that.

Next? I want to get back into a fitness routine. I quit the gym a month ago because work was getting too much… Say what?! Of course I sorely regret the decision now but while I figure out my schedule, I’m adding in Pilates classes at my favourite studio twice a week and getting back on the running as of this evening. I never feel like myself when workouts fall off my schedule, so here’s hoping I’ll feel like myself again soon.

How are you all, loves?

Michelle x

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