September is easily one of my favourite months of the year. Although as I get older, I’m finding that every month seems to be my favourite. It’s good to appreciate every moment. Anyway, September has always been a constant joy to me: I loved those late summer trips to town with Mum, picking up new shoes from Clarks and a new set of stationery from WHSmith. It’s something that’s followed me through to the present day and 28-year-old me has been thoroughly excited to embrace the September start.

For some reason, I haven’t been particularly on the ball with setting myself goals lately. I didn’t set myself any firm goals for the year, and it’s left me in a state of flux. So I thought I’d use this September start and inspiration spurt to work towards some small goals.

Relax every day

I haven’t been great at the work-life balance this year. Some contract work with a client has extended far longer than I expected (forever grateful!), which has thrown my usual working-from-home routine out of whack. As any business owner will know, you spend almost every waking moment wanting to work on your biz, and that’s what I’ve done. I commute to London (2.5 to 3 hours a day), work 9-5 in their office, come home and, well, work on other client work or finish up some admin.

This September and beyond, I’d like to reduce my workload and figure out how to maximise both my income and time. I want to ensure I have a pocket of time whereby I can relax (time not working, working out or running errands) every single day, and reclaim my evenings. To do this, I’m going to assess my income streams and optimise them so I’m making a little more passive income and that, in turn, I’m able to reduce active client work.

Learn something new

In true September spirit, I’d like to learn something new! I’m not sure what that is just yet, but I’m always seeking to better myself. Perhaps I’ll finally start learning to macramé or maybe I’ll take up a new gym class. Either way, there’s something about the September start that makes me want to get all back-to-school again.

Plus, I think it’s really easy to settle into a routine where you end up not massaging your brain all that much and I’ve definitely reached that spot.

A clothing and ‘stuff’ stock-check

And finally, would it be a seasonal post without a jolly good clear-out? Part of my mindful living ethos is ensuring that everything I own is there for a specific purpose. I suppose it’s my own riff of the KonMari method! I’d like to sift through my belongings and make sure everything is being used or serves a genuine purpose. And the same applies to my clothing.

It’s time to press refresh on my wardrobe, switch back out the summer pieces in favour of autumnal pieces and spot any gaps. I think there’s definitely room for a new light jacket and a midi skirt or two in a darker hue for the season.

How will you be embracing the September start, if at all? Or do you far prefer January for a time of newness?

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