After a two-year love affair with the gym, in May I cancelled my membership because I simply wasn’t getting as much use as I’d like from it. I’d gone from five sessions a week to one if I was lucky and realised I could use the money elsewhere. So, with the gym out of the equation, I had to get a little more creative with my fitness routine because ultimately I still loved working out.

I talk more about why I love the gym in my guide to getting started at the gym and it still rings true. Working out helps to focus my mind on something other than worrying about things, thinking about work or trying to plan ahead. All of my efforts are funnelled into running that extra few minutes, lifting another few sets, upping my weights by one more notch…

And it also gives me a moment to myself. As a busy business owner, I find my downtime naturally leans towards things to further my business and I don’t get much time to myself. So an hour spent running or working out is endlessly beneficial for a moment of self-care.

Here’s how my weekly fitness routine looks at the moment…

Running & Couch to 5k

Louise and I started Couch to 5k (again) over the summer. We found our footing with it really quickly and love heading out three evenings a week to run, take in our surroundings and catch-up, albeit only during the warm-up because we are so out of breath! I find running really invigorating; it’s tough motivating myself to get out and do the thing, but a few moments in and I couldn’t feel better. Now that it’s getting darker, we’re having to navigate new, better lit routes, but we’re already excited to move on to the Couch to 10k app. Fancy that! Running 10k!


Remember my adoration of Barre class? Well, I haven’t been to a single class since February because of work commitments that require me to be in London. I’m SO excited to be heading back to my old Barre classes later this month(!!), but in the interim I’ve been taking Pilates classes at my Barre studio for a few months now. Once a week I limber up and head to an hour-long class, working oh so hard and learning so much. I’ve waxed lyrical about Pilates before, as I used to take classes at my gym — the cost was included in my monthly membership — and I feel exactly the same about the class. It restores a sense of balance to my week, stretches me out and has improved my core strength (thus eased my lower back pain) tenfold.

App-based workouts

I’m a huge fan of Grace Beverley and her incredible brand B_ND, and with each purchase of her resistance bands comes a free AFLETE workout. So whilst I dither over reinstating my gym membership, now that I’ll have some more time on my hands, I’ve been getting stuck into those again. I always feel like I’ve done a ‘proper’ workout, although if you’re brand new to fitness, I do think that personally I get so much from these because I had a PT take me through them properly back when I was a gym member. I complete these around 2-3 times a week.

Although my fitness routine now is a far cry from my four to five weightlifting sessions, two cardio sessions and a Barre and Pilates class per week, I’m absolutely loving it. I feel strong and healthy, happiest after a workout, and I still have time (and extra spending money!) to fit in my usual activities.

What is your fitness routine like at the moment?

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