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This year I thought I’d forgo all of my usual ‘themed’ Christmas gift guides and share one bumper guide and one special edition, bookish one. It must come as no surprise to you that I’m a keen reader and I’m so happy that the entire world seems to be back into books too! Winter is also surely the season for reading (insert cliché jibber-jabber here 😉 ) so I was super excited to trawl the Internet in search of some very special additions to this bonus Christmas gift guide.

From my favourite books of 2019 to little bonus goodies that make the reading experience even better, here’s my bookish Daisybutter Christmas gift guide…

One of the most frequently asked questions on my Instagram is ‘where is your bookmark from?!’. I know, I’m one cool cat of an ~influencer. And the answer is from The Penguin Co. over on Etsy. I asked for this for Christmas last year and I’m coveting another this year because they’re beautiful and a real joy to use. It’d make a perfect accompaniment to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith which was a real standout novel for me this year. Published in 1992 and set in the ‘50s, it’s a family saga which unravels quietly, slowly, delicately; I savoured every word of this book and already can’t wait to reread it in 2020. And, for book lovers, this Papersmiths tote has a dedicated book pocket on the front so your novel doesn’t get bashed or exposed to spills.

Just in time for the New Year, Anna of The Anna Edit, released an organisation manual earlier this year and it’s a dream for anyone wanting to get started with streamlining their life. I have a copy myself and although I personally didn’t find it stocked with anything new, I know lots of people have found it useful.

Have any of you been watching the His Dark Materials TV adaptation on BBC? If you, or a friend, have, then these next two gift ideas will be perfect. A little alethiometer pin from an Etsy shop, and the latest in the The Book of Dust trilogy, a sequel and prequel to the original book series. I’m three-quarters of the way through this and am thoroughly enjoying following more of Lyra’s adventures.

Onto more bookish trinkets: this bookish candle is one of several novel-themed fragrances from the Etsy seller. Although it’s the ultimate cliché to read with a candle flickering in the background, it’s undoubtedly the greatest way to set up a cosy ambience. And for those who like to read on the go, gift them a Book Beau neoprene sleeve so they can protect those book corners and pages from creasing. Oh, and I’ve included Pachinko by Min Jin Lee which I literally couldn’t put down: this family saga (again!) followed me from room to room, on trains, off trains, in waiting rooms… It’s a truly immersive and heart-wrenching look into a Korean family’s life during the Japanese war. Absolutely breathtaking.

Lastly, I couldn’t end this bookish gift guide without including some picks from my favourite content creators. I treated myself to a copy of Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker a few months ago and I regularly delve into it for some inspiration even now. Tasker is an Instagram coach and produces beautiful slow living images, and her book shows you how to unravel your own creativity and fuel your Instagram with the things that make you, you.

I’m also obsessed with Reposed’s Bespoke Book Box. I came across this a while ago and bookmarked it: the premise is you can build a book box comprising a book of choice, bonus goodies and stunning gift packaging. The book selection isn’t huge but it does include An Edited Life that I’ve already briefly spoken about, along with several popular titles that I’ve read and enjoyed.

Which is your favourite pick? I think mine might be the Bespoke Book Box! What a brilliant idea, right?

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