I’ve been staring at this empty page on and off since yesterday, willing some coherent words to spill out but alas, ya girl is still ill. My head feels full of cotton wool, and I’ve not managed to do much else other than lay in bed, read a lot and nap even more. I suspected I had a chest infection as my general illness has progressed on from a cough and head-cold, yet the GP at my doctor’s appointment yesterday insisted that I’m only 5-6 days away from a chest infection and he won’t prescribe me anything until it does develop into one and I pop back in for an appointment next week. It’s so frustrating to see how stretched the NHS is, particularly when I know I personally don’t go to see a doctor unless I know I’m way, way more ill than normal. I digress.

As such, it’s all been fairly slow around these parts. It’s been a somewhat packed week but I also feel like I’ve done nothing at all! Also you guys, we have a moving date, which is probably why I feel like I’ve done nothing… I’ve made no progress this week with the packing because I’ve been in bed at any possible opportunity, and even just seeing all of my belongings from my bed is stressing me out.

Day two of shooting!

On Thursday I popped into London with Sian for our last full-day shoot. It was absolutely freezing and one filled with the most random assortment of props, but we managed to get all five shots done. Of course we encountered all of the blockades possible, but I’m pleased nonetheless with what we managed to create. Stay tuned to see the end result!

We went to Glossier London

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Glossier has landed in London!! I’m a huge Glossier fangirl, so of course Sarah and I headed down on our lunch break. The shopping experience is wonderfully immersive; if you haven’t already tried their product selection, you can try them at the pop-up before ordering from one of the girls with an iPad. Then, the order is packed within the pop-up and you can pick it up from the back of the store, leaving you plenty of time to explore the beautifully decked out space. I indulged in another pot of Moisturising Moon Mask and a bottle of their newest addition, Futuredew, which I already adore! It gives a beautiful, natural dewy glow underneath makeup; I applied it right after moisturiser.

13 Floral St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9DH. Opens 10am-7pm Monday to Saturday; 11am-6pm Sunday. Glossier London is open until Sunday 9th February, 2020.

A press preview dinner in Welwyn

Harvey and I headed out for a (complimentary) date night on Wednesday. We drove 15 minutes or so over to Welwyn to experience The Red Lion’s new winter menu and see the country pub’s new refurbishment. We had an incredible time, and I’ve already posted about our meal and experience on here.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. You Don’t Know Me, but Thank You via Wit & Delight.
  2. This Vegan Chocolate, Pear and Cardamom Cake recipe on Gem’s blog, The Mother Cooker, looks truly delicious.
  3. … as does the Spiced Ginger Bundt Cake recipe she developed for Molton Brown!
  4. As somebody that also goes by two names dependant on the situation, Soey Kim’s article about the complicated relationship she has with her name was a thought-provoking read.
  5. I read Sarah’s post about her winter beauty staples and then immediately headed out to re-purchase the Glossier Moisturising Moon Mask. Consider me influenced. [This is an affiliate link.]
  6. The wonderful Georgie shared a comprehensive review of Redemption, my favourite casual lunch spot in Covent Garden, London. Their build-your-own Buddha bowls are somethin’ else.
  7. The Odd Colour Out by Chloe Forde, via The Frugality.
  8. 30 Christmas gift ideas that are under £30; Ella of Coco’s Tea Party has totally nailed the budget gift guide!

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