The world shifts uncomfortably on its axis every moment of the day. Sometimes the tilts are small, they take you to the horizons you’re comfortable with. An evening hour perched by a window. An opportunity so great you can’t say ‘no’ to it. A slight decision that means you have mac and cheese for dinner, not something else. Other times, they’re trembles that topple scenarios in ways you couldn’t fathom. This week has been a lot to deal with. Rising cases of COVID-19, a further divide in opinion and actions.

Needless to say lots of us aren’t ourselves, we’re a little anxious (or a lot), and it can be hard to untangle our thoughts. So, I’m sharing a few simple journalling prompts for this weekend:

  1. Today, I feel _____.
  2. List 5 things you can do or take care of.
  3. List 5 things to let go of this weekend.
  4. My word of the new week is _____.
  5. How can you relax today, for at least 15 minutes?
  6. I am worried about _____.
  7. I can combat my anxiety about going outdoors by _____.
  8. Write about something lovely that you did for somebody recently.
  9. Write down one thing you’d like to do for someone else.
  10. List 3 things you loved doing as a child or early teen.
  11. What is one petite joy from your week?
  12. Write down one anxiety of yours on a scrap piece of paper. Then, tear it up.
  13. Tomorrow, I aim to _____.

Let’s hang out and journal together, this weekend.

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