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For more reasons than one, Christmas feels different this year. Not only am I more excited than ever to shower my friends and family with thoughtful gifts – after months of not spending time together in person – I’m remembering what an opportunity it is to reflect on the year and really gather together. 2020 is our first year in the ‘new house’. We spent last Christmas ignoring the fact that all of our belongings except the tree and presents were in boxes, for goodness’ sake!

And perhaps it’s because there isn’t the persistent pull to browse light-festooned aisles and faux snow-sprinkled displays in pursuit of the perfect festive scene, but this year, we wanted to make Christmas special and more from-the-heart than ever. Put a personal touch on it if you will.

The Chai Family Bauble

Every year, we like to add a new bauble to our tree. It’s a tradition we started in 2011 and whenever tree decorating day comes ‘round, we always enjoy remembering the stories behind each ornament. There’s the one we bought to commemorate Milo’s first Christmas, the one we bought at Disneyland Hong Kong…

This year, I’m especially proud of our bauble because I made it and because it has our literal surname on it! Dad wrote our surname on a little plaque, and for some of our other baubles. I downloaded a selection of creative templates and graphics from Design Bundles, including this Santa hat SVG, and used a craft knife to score them into stencils. A little spray paint and a steady hand later, we have a Christmas bauble with our surname on it!!

Our New Home Cloche

Like many Chinese households, our home champions cluttercore. We have a cosy fireplace but we also have Lucky Cats, we have a Christmas tree but we also have plastic-wrapped remote controls and Miscellaneous Crap from The Takeaway dotted everywhere. So, often, it’s more effective to focus our decorating on little corners.

I used an LED Glass Dome from Hobbycraft to house a little wooden scene. For a finishing touch, you could also add a snowman SVG from Design Bundles, printed on card, to switch up the textures. With our clochette, I didn’t glue any of the elements down because I can envision this changing year on year, which is fun!

Hand-poured Scented Tealights

Of course last month, my sister and I founded our own handmade business. It felt apt to make our own fragranced festive set-up, so we made a tiny batch of K.K. Slider Scented Tealights, which sit happily in these gorgeous wooden star cut-out tealight holders from Hobbycraft. They’re perfect for adding cosy ambience and scent to our thriving Christmas film adventures!

Have you hand-made any of your Christmas décor this year?

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