A hand on the small of my back, guiding me to the inside part of the pavement; ‘it’s safer’. Beautiful blooms turning up on my doorstep, accompanied by a note that says ‘you’ve got this’. Did you sleep well? Have you eaten? Mutual understanding and respect. Treats from friends, with handwritten scribbles on scrap paper enclosed. Well-mapped out plans, despite lockdown; within lockdown guidance. Surely-not-possible views on an everyday street, our destination on an after-work walk. ‘I thought of you’, messages underneath adorable photos or random nick-nacks online. Coffee brought to me in bed, when I can barely muster the energy to get out. Thumbing through fond memories and tying them to now, like a single thread of gold, ‘like we were 17’. A 30th birthday display, lovingly hand-tied. Reminders to take a break and rest early and sleep well. My favourite lyrics, enlivened via embroidery thread. Rushing out for an evening walk during first snow.

In a thousand small ways, they say ‘I care’.

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