Aaah, there’s nothing more delicious than a bonus day off work. I’m flagging a little today after using up much of my energy on a family walk yesterday. My niece, nephew and little cousin were FULL of energy and this introverted homebody bean simply was not. I’m feeling excited to post on here again though, so I thought I’d share a couple of self-reminders that I noted in my journal the other evening:

  1. The best things in life happen unexpectedly. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again quote or not, I truly live by the thought (and fact) that the best things always happen when you least expect them. I’ve sat in my sads a lot in May, but reading back old ‘Open-hearted joys’ lists in my notebook (the IRL lists are much more in-depth than my online ones!) reminded me that the universe is capable of wild things.
  2. There’ll be birdsong again. For those of us who start the day with magical birdsong…
  3. You are in charge. Of your happiness, your goals. You really are.
  4. There are adorable lil harvest mice that sleep in tulip petals overnight.
  5. YOU, yes you, mean the world to lil ol’ me. I’m beyond grateful to have you all to check in and hang out with whenever I muster the energy to show up online. Last night I read and replied to comments and couldn’t stop tearing up.

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