Days and days of light-hearted, new-season optimism. A cup half full sort of mood all ‘round. Mornings greeted by birdsong and a cafetière à piston full of coffee – old habits die hard. The gentle scratch of pen on paper, early day’s thoughts spilling into a journal to be savoured in the future, sometime. The familiar chime of a phone notification; sweet as spun sugar ‘good morning’ messages, ‘how did you sleep?’ messages. Startling bright light seeping across the landscape just outside my window, a smile-bringing landscape, for sure. The cotton-soft swaddle of freshly washed sheets – weekend naps never felt so good, especially after the First Occasion Out of Lockdown. After-work walks, hand-in-hand, beneath trees with newly budding canopies – we marvel, apple-cheeked, at the precise apple green hues. Finding additional pockets of time in the evenings (or so it feels); the perfect pocket for a couple of chapters or episodes or quests.

These syrup-slow spring days feel like an utterly dreamy daze.

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