Cotton clouds hanging in the sky above lake walks. How the world seemingly stops and empties when we converse over dinner. Sunset farm walks, conversation dancing between us. Late summer sun pouring over my skin. New term feeling. & Chai Mooncake Melts, beautifully scenting our home for Mid-autumn Festival. An autumnal bouquet, bringing a smile to my face every time I walk by. Afternoons (and evenings and midnights and mornings) with an un-put-down-able book. Chips-and-sweet-and-sour-and-crispy-seaweed. Unexpected sunshine-filled days and sneaking in another wear of a favourite summer dress. ‘Goodnight’ and ‘how did you sleep?’ and ‘I thought of you:’ messages, all ‘round the clock. The grass and the tree leaves slowly, but surely, beginning to turn.

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