How has your weekend been? Come and relax into your Sunday with me.

My weekend – and week – has felt so wholesome and full of the happy vibes. When I last checked in with a Sundaze, I was similarly happy… and then I went and broke my glasses, scored my forehead with a pretty big graze, broke my phone and hugely bruised my leg. So, you could say it’s been quite the week…! Despite that, I’m just content. I’ve had incredible new music to listen to, my brother’s birthday to celebrate, that Nintendo Direct, a perfect little date night, and the list goes on. It’s one of those weeks that I’ll remember for a long, long time. (I’m even back to ~writing~ outside of work!!)

Chocolate Box week

Yoseob released his first complete album this week and, boy, it did not disappoint. Forever my favourite member of B2ST/HIGHLIGHT, Yoseob’s silk-smooth vocals are like a lullaby and Caffeine remains to be one of my most-loved songs of all time. Chocolate Box is a beautifully balanced, no-skips album and it’s pretty much been playing on repeat all week. And I’m HERE for the Brain dance challenge that they’re hosting on Instagram at the moment.

The Nintendo Direct!!

So, let’s talk about the Nintendo Direct because I was simply not ready. Of course I was tentatively hopeful for some Animal Crossing news and Nintendo absolutely delivered! I’m over the moon that Brewster and The Roost are finally returning, and I cannot wait for the dedicated Animal Crossing Direct as well. Finally, my island’s going to see some more newness! AC aside, I’m really looking forward to the new Kirby game; yet another title to add to my never-ending game wishlist. Did you watch the Direct? What are you most excited to pick up?

A relaxed day in London

Yesterday I got to spend the day in London with my wonderful pal and fellow content creator Winnie. I hadn’t seen her in well over two years (obviously) and it was so heartwarming to grab food together, meander around Islington and generally enjoy a relaxed catch-up. Now that I’m building back up to a social life again, it feels so special to spend quality time together with friends and this day was no exception. Oh! And we got to eat lunch at Tofu Vegan London, which I can confirm is absolutely worth its hype. 11/10 would recommend.

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