These days I’m fairly set in my ways when it comes to beauty products. I have my ever-faithful skincare routine, my go-to simple makeup and a few treatments I go for, and rarely do I need to trial new products or hunt down a new holy grail. But there’s one incredible product that I’ve been using regularly for the past 9-10 weeks and I am obsessed.

iGlow reached out to me back in October 2021 about sending me their bestselling Lash Maximiser to try out with no obligation to post. Following a few months of constant eyelash extension use, my lashes were definitely in need of some care. I have the typical short, stubby and stubbornly straight East Asian eyelashes. So I was sceptical of how ‘great’ this product would be, especially when all of the models and testimonial photos were on white or South Asian women.

Well, it turns out… the iGlow Lash Maximiser is incredible. The 2ml tube features a precise brush applicator that you apply a few millimetres above your lash line every evening before bed. It helps to enhance growth, and iGlow recommend using it daily for eight weeks for the best initial results. I’ve popped in a few phone photos that I took to document my eyelash journey, and the results are unbelievable. I’ve really enjoyed using this product. And now that the initial eight weeks are over, I’m continuing to follow the product guidance with one or two applications each week to support the natural growth cycle.

Try the iGlow Lash Maximiser here.

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