One of the best things to come from two years at home was the time to fully indulge in my love for video games again. I’ve adored gaming since I was little – Zelda-esque puzzles, MMORPGs and Japanese RPGs being my bag – and I’m glad that they’re firmly back in my world. You surely already know of my love for the Animal Crossing franchise, so I won’t talk too much about that game, but I thought I’d share even more of the cosy games that I love playing, and some upcoming titles I’m hoping to pick up.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

I recently completed Kirby and the Forgotten Land and absolutely loved it. Fans of the Kirby franchise are sure to adore it – the ‘3D’ graphics are gorgeous – but I feel newer players will too. It’s slightly gimmicky but undeniably fun and playable, and there’s even a co-op mode that genuinely works gameplay-wise. Kirby and the Forgotten Land includes two modes, so gamers of all levels can easily get into it: not to flex, but I diiiid complete it in Wild Mode! Like I said, I ‘completed’ the main story recently and have around 25 hours of playtime. However, the game itself notes I’m at 67% completion, so the game is HUGE. I’m still debating whether it’s worth its price – everyone’s debate at the moment – and I must say I always find it difficult to comment on this without knowing everyone’s financial status. For the fun and playtime, it was certainly worth it for me!

P.S. The soundtrack alone is worth it. OBSESSED.

Buy Kirby and the Forgotten Land now.

The Cruel Knight and the Great Hero

I’m a couple of hours into The Cruel Knight and the Great Hero and already adore it. The paper-like 2D graphics are really sweet and beautifully realised, and the story is fully voice-acted, which I always appreciate. My main niggle is that the combat is long and often feels imbalanced, but that could appeal to those who prefer a bit of a challenge!

I adore playing this game curled up in a blanket, handheld Switch, with the volume up, because the background music is super cute. I’m looking forward to logging a few more hours of this little indie adventure RPG.

Play The Cruel King and the Great Hero now.

Little Witch in the Woods

I am SO excited for Little Witch in the Woods’ early access later this month! Not least because it’s available on Steam for both Windows and Mac, and I still haven’t gotten round to building a PC, but because it looks like the sweetest game ever.

The game revolves around apprentice witch Ellie, who lives in a mystical forest. And we must simply befriend the village locals, discover their stories, practice our witchy techniques and help to make the forest, village and world a better place. I always enjoy games with a life-sim approach – here we can gather materials, craft, brew potions, go fishing, and more – and the witchy setting is right up my street.

Little Witch in the Woods’ early release is on 16 May 2022.

PuffPals: Island Skies

An adorable life-sim game inspired by plushies?! Sign. Me. Up.

PuffPals: Island Skies is ‘a game about eliciting the nostalgic memories of growing up as a kid’, and is an independent game currently being funded via KickStarter. The graphics are pastel-washed and absolutely adorable – they are inspired by Fluffnest plushies after all. Effectively, the game will revolve around exploring the world around you, meeting friends, customising your own home, farming, running errands for local villagers, collecting items, and more. I really love the community feel that Fluffnest has already established for PuffPals: Island Skies and I can’t wait to see and play this game when it releases!

Discover the KickStarter here.

Garden Story

Confession time: I bought and started this game in August 2021 and still haven’t completed it or even beaten the first boss. But, I am besotted with Garden Story and its cosy little dailies, adorable characters and pixel map. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, returning to this game feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s more of an adventure RPG than anything, and has simple mechanics behind it, making it easy for anybody to pick it up. No pro gamer moves required here! Plus, you get to play as a little grape character and if that doesn’t sell it to you, then I don’t know what will.

Which cosy games are you playing lately?

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