Something that people are often curious about is how I ‘still find time’ to journal amongst a busy lifestyle. It’s commonly misconceived that a bullet journal is time-consuming: by its nature, a bullet journal can be adapted however you see fit. Mine means that I no longer need to separate a diary/scheduler from a regular note-making notebook and to-do list. It is incredibly minimal, non-restrictive and I never waste any pages. (Nothing more annoying than empty pages from that week you took off.)

Since transitioning back to traditional full-time employment, my schedule hasn’t really changed. If anything, I’ve gained time back! My freelance business had gotten incredibly chaotic and busy. But it does mean that my journalling routine has shifted slightly in order to adapt.

Now, my journalling routine works to support my 7-9, 9-6 and 6-9, and I absolutely LOVE it. If you’re looking to incorporate regular journalling and a bullet journal to your lifestyle, this setup could be for you.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to most extracurricular activities. I don’t faff around with any especially creative designs and layouts. Instead, I have a few handy trackers and use a ruler, black pen and stickers to draw simple weekly spreads. It probably takes me around five to ten minutes to do this weekly!

Taking things week by week

The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can draw up weekly spreads and week-to-views however you wish. Some weeks are quiet, others are busy – bullet journalling means you can perfectly accommodate that. My work days are full of tasks, so I’ll add those to my work notebook rather than use up wild amounts of space in my bujo. On some weeks, I’ll add in space for notes and others include a packing list for a weekend trip. If there’s more going on, I’ll add a Post-it note or adopt a rolling daily format for that week. As such, my bullet journal is as flexible and changeable as my lifestyle.

Adding in The Five-Minute Journal app

You must all know about my penchant for documenting gratitude and making room for more joy. Well, alongside noting all of these in my bullet journal, I also really like The Five-Minute Journal app for an accessible option. I use this twice daily and follow the prompts, and it has genuinely improved my outlook and chance of positivity SO much. I know plenty of you lament the fact that you can’t stick to a paper journal… Well, this is the dream solution, trust me!

Long-form journalling continues

I returned to long-form journalling back in 2020 and I am always grateful for that. Of course, that ended up being the start of some incredibly tumultuous times for us all and I am so glad I gave myself the space to let my thoughts run wild. I had far more time back then to listen to my thoughts and note them down, but that doesn’t mean I’ve let it slide. I see journalling as a non-negotiable and always make time for it. Right now, I use my journal to write 2-3 pages every few days. Sometimes it’s about my day, but often they’re retrospective memories at the moment. Life feels so lovely at the moment that it’s enough to capture the joys, then dive deeper elsewhere.

How has your journalling grown and evolved recently?

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