The Things I’ve Done Recently to Feel More Put-Together

Recently I mentioned that I went through a rough patch for mental health and overall outlook. And, I’m happy that it only lasted a few weeks. Since then, I’ve been consciously trying to look after myself even better so that I can feel consistently put-together and minimise those rough patches. Be it physical self-care or something a little more complex, I’m really happy with the positive changes and new habits I’ve brought in recently and wanted to share a few of them with you.

Update my skincare routine

While I do tinker with my skincare routine now and again, I hadn’t updated it in a while. The way my skin feels changes my outlook a lot. I feel polished, put-together and ready to take on the world when my skin feels clean, fresh, glowy and dewy. Lately I’ve enjoyed adding the Dermalogica Biolumin-C Vitamin C Serum back into my morning routine, their Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum twice weekly, then their Micellar Prebiotic Precleanse to swipe off all of my SPF at the end of the day.

Start my investing journey

This feels far too grown-up for lil ol’ Daisybutter, but a few months ago I finally started my investing journey. Better late than never! I’m over the moon that it finally made it off my annual goals lists and can’t believe I hadn’t done this sooner. Since the housing market is all over the place right now, I decided to start funnelling some investments into stocks and shares. My little house is still firmly on my mind but I feel good about having made some moves.

If you’re similarly interested in getting started, I found resources on The Everygirl, Female Invest and Money Saving Expert really useful. Plus, if you sign up with the Trading 212 platform, we’ll both receive free shares!

Prioritise planning

I’ve always been a planner, particularly for work but these days in my personal life. And now I’m prioritising planning as an essential part of my everyday. Since my weeks are divided between home, London and my boyfriend’s place, this is pretty essential so I don’t forget things and can make the most of my time. Sunday evenings remain my favourite planning-dedicated time, of course, the prime time to note down any appointments, events and occasions coming up for the week ahead and map out my errands and everyday tasks around them.

Declutter my wardrobe

I’ve said this a few times, but I rotate my wardrobe twice yearly (for spring/summer, then autumn/winter). Typically, this remains the same since I began investing in and focusing on a capsule wardrobe of timeless favourites that feel very ‘me’. Once in a while, however, it’s worthwhile to do a big ol’ declutter and get rid of the pieces no longer serving you and that no longer fit your current self. Trust me when I say this has had a surprisingly huge effect on my summer outlook.

Implement no/low-spend weeks

Am I the only one whose May 2023 was financial chaos? I know there’s a cost of living crisis, but there’s no way I spent that much on groceries, right? Right?? I’m not the strictest with budgeting, but I am pretty darn good at focusing on my savings and keeping my books balanced. I’ll take an hour or so each payday to add in my income as well as track my previous month’s spending and figure out where my money should and will go. It’s easy to feel like you’re spiralling when you don’t have visibility of your money and your spending.

As our bills went up again, I’ve been implementing no- and low-spend weeks to help me feel a little more on top of things. This means… a week of not spending any money that isn’t a bill, subscription or essential expense (like weekly groceries). Generally, I’m not too awful at this. I no longer drink coffee so takeaway coffees aren’t a temptation, but books are my downfall!

Make self-care a non-negotiable

I lament how self-care became a luxury. And I lament how self-care became ‘bubble baths and candles’, when it’s an ever-changing toolkit of things that make you feel good. Really, self-care is very simple: it’s taking care of yourself however you see fit. That might include homemade meals, taking showers and baths, looking after your skin, prioritising daily movement, calling a friend, taking a walk, inviting a friend ‘round to share a bottle of wine… Rather than making self-care a luxury reserved for special occasions or when you’re at the brink of burnout, funnel it into your everyday. And don’t disturb me during my Wednesday night face mask, hair oil and freshly made lentil ragu session…

How do you make yourself feel more put-together?

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