A Little Bit About Daisybutter

Welcome to Daisybutter – my personal digital journal and scrapbook. Since 2009, this has been the place where I capture the everyday magic of my mundane and the little joys and loves that make me ‘me’. I began writing this blog more than 14 years ago, when I was still a teenager, so you might say that I’m a real child of the Internet.

Daisybutter is a cosy space where I let thoughts spill, a home for modern myth-making and to jot down the treasurable moments of each day; all steeped in a dash of magic-seeking folklore. It’s a place for those seeking endlessly to do good and be better.

Michelle Chai

I’m Michelle

I’m a 33-year-old professional copywriter and editor, lifelong bookworm and eternal optimist. (Also a Pisces sun, Libra moon, Scorpio ascendant, if you’re into that as much as I am!) I founded Daisybutter in 2009 from my student accommodation at uni, where I shared daily outfit photos, beauty reviews and was generally an early adopter of fashion and lifestyle blogging in the UK. Now, it is more akin to a digital journal, scrapbook and moodboard of what my life looks and feels like every day.

You’ll enjoy this space if you also love: vegan food, Sundays, travelling simply, getting outdoors in the countryside, appreciating the small things as well as the big, Taylor Swift, journalling, Animal Crossing, obsessing over K-dramas, books, making positive changes, and plenty more.

Get to Know Me

Forever On Repeat

taylor swift

I’d spend all my money on


My Birth Chart

☉ pisces, ☾ libra, ↑ scorpio


italy + hong kong

My Favorite TV Show

gossip girl

My Happy Place IS

amongst the trees

Favorite Hobby


My Favorite Person IS

my boyfriend + sister

Favorite Color Combo

ballet pink + cerise red

I Can’t Live Without

dark chocolate

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