well hello there!


I’m Michelle, a professional writer and editor, bookworm and eternal optimist.

Daisybutter is my personal online journal, a place where I capture the everyday magic and little joys and loves that make me ‘me’. I began writing this blog more than 13 years ago, so you’ll also find a complete archive of features that share my stories about being a British-Chinese woman and about living between cultures in the UK, along with posts full of practical advice and guidance for surviving your twenties.

When I’m not blogging (or reading), you’ll find me at my day job, walking my dog, running a small business handmade candle shop with my sister, or playing video games.

Daisybutter is a cosy space where I let thoughts spill, a home for modern myth-making and to jot down the treasurable moments of each day; all steeped in a dash of magic-seeking folklore. It’s a place for those seeking endlessly to do good and be better.

Welcome to the fold。

ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ


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