Happy December!

Who would’ve bloody thought it? We’ve entered the final month of the year and suddenly diaries feel more full, evenings alone to wrap presents and have a Quiet Moment To Yourself are scarce and absolutely everything comes festive themed. Like, I spotted some really quite unnecessary festive spiced bleach in a supermarket earlier?! What?! Anyway — that aside, I’m feeling ridiculously festive. Our tree is due to go up right after this post goes live and I’ve even picked up a mini tree for my bedroom. Yesterday was our girl gang Christmas dinner AND I’ve resurrected my Christmas playlist from its obscurity.

A very merry Dream Team Christmas

Just like we have done for the past five/six years or so, my Dream Team girls and I hung out yesterday for the annual Secret Santa gift exchange and to celebrate a certain Sarah’s birthday! Although we’re rapidly losing numbers to international moves (I’m looking at you, Elodie and Lily!), it was a dream to eat, drink, laugh and banter with my ladies Hannah, Sophie and Sarah. We feasted like emperors at Bun House – totally recommended, I’ll pop a post up soon! – and shot outfit photos before taking a festive walk through to Carnaby Street for cupcakes and to see the Christmas lights. These ladies are my faves.

Shooting with Kaye

In the spirit of a brand new chapter of Daisybutter, on Friday I headed out to shoot once again with the ever-talented Kaye. We’ve shot together a few times and I always have the best time getting beautiful new imagery done for the blog. Although once upon a time I insisted I could make do with my sister and boyfriend snapping a few shots for me here and there, it has been an absolute game-changer to have Kaye shoot for me. Her photos and portfolio are an absolute dream and we always have the best time chatting away! Stay tuned for our photos, coming soon.

Gym & tonic

This week has been all sorts of terrible for my gym habit. Read: I was too ill and busy to even go once, bar a PT session. And you know what? I haven’t felt guilty – or let myself feel guilty – for it, rather I feel better and more motivated to hit the ground running this afternoon. My PT and I worked on a new exercise routine and I’m oh so excited to get cracking with it. I think I mentioned this in my post earlier in the week but the gym itself has become such a sanctuary for me.

We’re going to the Taylor Swift reputation. tour!

Perhaps the most exciting news is that we’re going to see Taylor Swift again! My friend Natasha and I have been going to her concerts together since 2009, recruiting Ling a few years ago and now Millie will be joining us too. We managed to nab tickets in Wednesday’s pre-sale and I’ve been a giddy bundle of excitement ever since. reputation. is finally available on Spotify and Apple Music now, in case you still haven’t managed to listen to it. And you can read my thoughts on the album here.

Currently Coveting:

My December To-Do List

+ Pick up a baby Christmas tree for my room
+ Finish the Christmas shop
+ See the Carnaby Street Christmas lights
+ Eat my bodyweight in roast potatoes
+ Pick up a Christmas jumper for Milo
+ Set up my bullet journal
+ Sort out my jeans collection, ready for the New Year
+ Visit my best friend!

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