We’re going off the beaten path with today’s post because I’m not here to discuss a topic of note, share something I’ve found or show you what I’ve been up to. Originally, I had planned to write a piece about how blogging isn’t dead, etc. but that’s a topic that’s been well-documented recently and I’ve kind of moved on from that debate, personally.

Last month, I gathered some data from you about what you liked about this online space, what keeps you coming back, and what you’d love to see from me next. It was SO insightful, especially as it can often feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. Hey, it’s not our fault that platforms like Instagram and Twitter make it easy to reply on and yet blogs are just a tap too far…!

Coupled with my recent post about how I’ll be making mindful seasonal changes, I felt it apt to write candidly about Daisybutter and what I believe my responsibilities are as a content creator. By no means will my usual posts be taking a 180˚ turn, I’ll just be shaping them a little differently and hopefully, this will streamline things even further!


Undoubtedly one of the biggest buzzwords this year, I want to be more mindful about how I share content. Though in my personal life I’ve made some huge lifestyle changes, I don’t think the blog reflects that right now. Expect to find me sharing some mindful living tips and inspiration that is accessible and reachable for the everyday girl. I’m not a millionaire living off organic smoothies made from fresh ingredients, giving up my entire lifestyle, I’m just your local friendly small town gal, trying to improve her carbon footprint.

My Life and Style

Something that I want to do is help curb overconsumption. I’ve written previously about challenges like Frugal February and how haul culture is incredibly damaging, but I want to make that more of a thing. Throughout my entire professional life, I’ve been a fashion writer and it is only in recent months that I’ve found myself feeling at loggerheads with myself. I promote fast fashion on behalf of brands, despite being trained and knowing exactly how damaging it is, right the way down to how unsustainable certain fabrications are. I’m hoping to change that, and slowly show you how to do so too.

This will include sharing consumption in minimal amounts (as I don’t believe cutting everything out entirely is sustainable, for me at least) and ensuring I only share pieces I genuinely believe you’ll love and will enjoy in years to come too, and shedding light on sustainable brands as I see fit.

Expect more photo diaries and candid notes on my life and days: I’m a big advocate of leading by example instead of forcing my opinions on people, so fingers crossed this works!

Ad Disclosure

I monetise Daisybutter.

With almost 9 years of blogging under my belt, I feel comfortable doing so knowing that I do it for the ‘right reasons’. It’s rewarding to be able to partner with brands and mutually benefit from the right partnerships, and I’d like to think I’m open about this fact. Sponsored posts and advertorial content is always labelled as such on here. For reference, sponsored posts are those where brands haven’t signed off on my copy and content and have simply provided a link inclusion, while advertorial content often has a bit of back and forth to ensure the right tone of voice is used and the correct information is shared.

Less Is More

Perhaps one of the biggest shifts is that I plan to lessen the number of posts I share. Not by force, but simply to ensure I’m not cluttering the Internet or my blog with unnecessary content. I never really post just to post. Sure, I keep an editorial calendar, but I genuinely only post if I have something to say and am genuinely proud of the post. As the industry develops and the community grows, I often feel as though my voice gets lost in the crowd and that news feeds get filled with more of the same. Moving forwards, I hope to create posts filled with inspiration and nuggets of advice and other such things that truly stand out. So, if sometimes I ‘miss’ a post, that’ll be why!

What responsibilities do you expect from me, as a content creator?

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