Your girl is IN!! Yesterday I moved back in with my parents and I’m pretty much over the moon about it. I spent my day working and then pottered all evening, finding new homes for old things and generally getting rid of packing boxes. (Those things haunt me in my sleep!) As I write this, a light March drizzle is pattering against my windows, I’m watching a Lucy Moon video in the background and I’ve two snoozing pups beside me. It’s pretty much my dream situation.

There’s a lot to be said for appreciating the smaller, not necessarily finer details of the everyday mundane. Here’s to another list of petite joys, the moments that’ve brought and woven poetry to my days, this fortnight:

一. Late winter skies at around 5pm; comfortingly candyfloss-like.

二. A birthday walk at the lake.

三. Receiving a Foyles gift card from my team at work – I used it to pick up some new books from my TBR list!

四. Flowers wrapped in brown paper; neat as a parcel with twine; messily spilling over the top, wild.

五. The feeling you get when you reach your daily writing word count goal 

六. My birthday cake, lovingly baked by my little sister.

七. How satisfying it is to find new homes for old belongings.

八. Our blogger lunch event this week (pictured); the first I’ve worked brand-side in several years!

九. Having the blogger girls gathered around a table in Paradise for delicious food to celebrate my birthday.

十. A warm embrace after returning home from a drizzly outdoors.

What’re some of your petite joys, lately?

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