Happy Bank Holiday weekend! This week I’ve finally felt like I’m returning to myself. From starting the week with a London jaunt for an early screening of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, to taking myself on a date, I feel like I’m finally refilling my cup a little. I even finished a book! I’ve picked up some really fun blog partnerships, bought a Tamagotchi, prepared plenty of delicious meals… I’m feeling a little better than I have done lately.

I can also feel my ‘usual’ creativity seeping back and I think I’m on the brink of being able to return to a few projects that I’d been working on a couple of months ago. Like the wisest owls always tell us, everything gets better in time.

The One With The Friends Reunion

After 17 years, we were treated to the Friends Reunion on Thursday! My sister and I resubscribed to Now TV especially for it, and cosied up to watch it in the evening. Spoilers ahead! I thought it was such a heartwarming, fitting tribute to one of the shows that’ve made the biggest impact on me. Problematic as Friends may be in 2021, it’s always been a comfort for me – I watched it every evening before bed when I lived alone in Hong Kong. My brother and sister and I even went to FriendsFest in 2019, and it was SO much fun! The reunion made me tear up multiple times, and you bet I sobbed when Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer admitted their lil crush on each other. It was so emotional to watch on as the cast got emotional.

A solo afternoon by the lake

Yesterday we were blessed with the most gorgeous weather after a month of rain. Not one to pass up even the smallest glimmer of joy, I packed up my car with a blanket, a book, my Nintendo Switch and a drink, and drove down to the lake. Just me. When I was a touch younger, I had an innate fear of being left behind and left alone at weekends and Bank Holidays, and I’m really happy that I don’t really get that at all anymore. Being able to enjoy your own company is an immense privilege and a wonderful quality; I learned this when I lived alone.

And, as expected, it was a rewarding and fulfilling afternoon! The lake was blissfully quiet, so I got to read half of my book and sip my drink (a Calypso Kiwi Lemonade!) and spend a little time with myself. Living with my family throughout the pandemic and three strict lockdowns was a privilege, but I’m also really relishing taking myself on a date now, too.

Trialling ‘Level 10 Life’

More than ever, this month I’ve really leaned on journalling. It eases my anxious mind, helps me to untangle my Piscean thoughts and allows me to capture all of these everyday moments that I’m not sure I want to forget.

On Thursday night, after a particularly rough day at work, I set about creating a Level 10 Life spread in my bullet journal. I’d spotted it throughout the bujo community, but this was the first time I really researched it. In short, the ‘challenge’ gets you to assess 10 parts of your life, map how you’re doing, and set goals to improve those parts. So, for instance, you could assess your ‘self development’. Give yourself a rating out of 10 based on your gut feeling, and then set goals to improve it. I added things like read one non-fiction book a month, donate to charity monthly, and one non-negotiable self-care session a week to mine.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. ‘All the Games in My Nintendo Switch Library’; fellow gamers, my friend Megan shared all of the games in her Nintendo Switch library and generously shared her thoughts and playtime of them all. Perfect if you’re looking for some new games to sink your teeth into.
  2. Sometime last year I got really into South Korean silent vloggers, and so I loved this article on ELLE Hong Kong all about why this niche genre is surging.
  3. With E3 just around the corner, I’ve spent much of my spare time listening to people’s thoughts of what to expect. Fellow ACNH players, this episode of Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast is for you.
  4. This Vegan Tzatziki recipe is one to bookmark and perfect for hosting summer gatherings.

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How was your week? Enjoy the rest of your cosy Sundaze!

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