The past two years have been a sort of rediscovery period for me. After years of feeling like I was losing myself and hiding away interests and entire swaths of my personality, I’m enjoying figuring things out bit by bit again. Part of that is leaning into my curious fascination with astrology and the stars; an obvious Pisces through and through, I’m definitely someone that veers dreamily into the magical and spiritual.

When a copy of Your Love Stars by Jane Struthers landed on my doorstep a few months ago, I was incredibly excited to delve in.

Your Love Stars is a gorgeous hardback book full of astrological guidance that specifically focuses on love and relationships and the planetary tendencies of Venus and Mars. Aside from reading my Sun, Moon and Ascendent signs, I didn’t know a whole lot about my astrological chart, the Houses, or the significance of Venus and Mars. This book does a great job at introducing you to all of this and helping you to find your own signs.

The book is gorgeously designed – perfect for putting on display and flicking through in the evenings or periods of downtime – and structured in a way that won’t intimidate even the earliest of star readers. I regularly find myself dipping back in for facts or to read my own chart readings when I need some guidance or reassurance.

I’ve already planned to gift several copies of Your Love Stars to friends!

Buy your copy via my Bookshop shopfront and support a local independent bookseller today, or shop via Amazon.

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