So, I have an announcement to share with you all. I’m leaving. And, I’m moving to Hong Kong!!

It feels surreal to write that out loud. And I guess it is. I really, really didn’t expect to be writing a blog post like this for a long time – if ever. It comes right after my summer trip to my favourite city, and about a solid week of tears, heightened emotions and endless pros-and-cons lists.

Like I’ve mentioned before, in my mind, September is the optimum time for fresh starts.

Something that my close friends have mentioned to me since I broke the news to them is that I’ve always been a home-oriented girl that is also undeniably flighty. I have a very carefree, nomadic and laidback outlook to life coupled with an insatiable wanderlust and love of being alone.

While travel has always been a love of mine, I just didn’t see myself as a backpacker or ‘traveller’ in the traditional sense.

And only a mere five days after landing home from my trip, I had a job offer for a role over 10,000 miles away from my current home. Cue a week of trying to make life-changing decisions, writing epic pros-and-cons lists (Pokémon Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire, breakfast and red lipstick were genuinely on that list), crying on and off for days on end and generally being in torment over a decision I wasn’t expecting to be making.

I’m moving for a shiny new job at Lane Crawford in about a month’s time. I have to work my notice period here, as well as get things ready and pack for the big move, which should be one epic task! I guess it is a pretty impulsive decision, but one that I considered long and hard at every waking moment.

On one hand, living and experiencing a new city and culture will be SO invaluable. On the other? I face being away from my beloved Granny, sister, brother, family and baby tortoises.

I’m going to really miss cuddles and watching Thomas the Tank Engine with my baby cousin. I’m going to seriously miss bubble baths and my duvet. I have no idea how I’ll get all of my shoes and handbags over there, or what I’ll have for breakfast. I’ll be spending Christmas alone for the first time. Everything is changing and I’m terrified yet excited. But I get to have my own place again, I can buy a little money tree for my apartment. I can stay out at dessert parlours and have Sasa on tap.

“There are far greater things ahead than any we leave behind.”

My flight (how wild that I’m taking a one-way?!) isn’t booked yet but I have roughly a month before my new job starts.

If you’re also based in Hong Kong I’d love to hear from you (: I’m so excited for this new ‘chapter’ as cheesy as that sounds, and I can’t wait to share it all on here.

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