If you’re a regular reader of Daisybutter, you’ll know that I’ve been a devout fan of Barre classes and workouts since 2017. It’s the gateway workout that got me into thinking about exercising more regularly, and I never pass up an opportunity to either squeeze in a class or talk about it at length to anybody that’ll listen. So when the team over at Ballet Fusion got in touch with me to see if I wanted a month’s membership trial I, of course, jumped at the chance!

Ballet Fusion is a unique, adult ballet-training programme developed by Rhea Sheedy. Suited to all levels and even those with no prior ballet or dance experience, it’s an effective workout based on traditional ballet techniques that shape, tone and strengthen the body all over. There’s in-person studio classes available both in London and Devon, as well as online classes which is what I chose to book and review.

The Classes

My first impression is that Ballet Fusion offer an impressive range of classes at fairly accessible times. With many other studios, I find you end up having to do a sweaty 8am session or somehow be magically available at a casual 4pm in the afternoon. The variety of classes is great: there’s 45-Min and 60-Min Classic classes, a Quickie for the time-poor, Advanced sessions, a Beginner class, and even an Over-50s slot.

The 45-Min and 60-Min Classic class is one of my favourites. Suited to all levels, the class begins at the barre with a short warm-up and a series of ballet-based exercises. You can simply use the back of a chair for these classes: you won’t need to lean heavily on it, the barre is simply to rest your fingertips upon. These Classic sessions then have you move into the centre for some core and balance work, before heading to the floor for a good stretch. I love these classes.

I’m also really enjoying ABC sessions too. These are 30-minute classes dedicated to Arms, Butts and Core, and my gosh do you feel it afterwards. These are really hard work and are great for a lunchtime class, requiring minimal ballet technique.

And if I had to choose another class to do regularly, it’d be Floor Barre. I find these especially great for core strength and overall alignment, and really look forward to my weekly Tuesday evening class. The entire workout is taught on the floor, combining ballet and Pilates movements and you only need a yoga mat.

The Feeling

I have always loved Barre workouts because they leave me feeling invigorated, balanced and not sore. It’s a total myth that you must ache to reap the benefits of a workout. With these classes, you stretch throughout the session and let your muscles tear and repair throughout. In theory – and with a good cool down stretch – you shouldn’t ache the next day, which is excellent news for those of us who simply want to get on with our regular lifestyles.

The workouts are also fairly low impact. My regular classes at a different studio incorporate cardio to each session, but Ballet Fusion classes don’t. They’re ideal for those wanting to improve their strength and alignment and get a bit of a sweat on, but who don’t enjoy getting incredibly out of breath.

The Experience

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my month’s trial at Ballet Fusion. This studio has a brilliant balance of classes, and I’m definitely going to continue some of my classes here. The instructors are all incredibly knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions during the class. I did notice that music doesn’t play a large part in the classes; rather than becoming the beat of the workout, the songs are more of an accompaniment and you don’t tend to use the count.

Enjoy your first week of classes at Ballet Fusion for free with the code 7FREE.

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