Over the summer, I picked up my first ever pair of THINX period pants after several months of debating the decision. I came across the brand at least two years ago and remember building a set before a) seeing the total price, b) feeling like I shouldn’t commit because ‘people’ thought it was dirty, and c) not feeling entirely convinced.

And I get it.

Periods are still taboo, and £100+ on a couple of pairs of pants that may or may not do their advertised job is kinda ridiculous.

Lucky for me, THINX hosted a pop-up in Selfridges back in August and I managed to snag a pair ready to try out on my next cycle.

In case you have no idea what THINX is and think that I may as well be speaking a different language to you right now, let me fill you in.

What is THINX?

THINX are a US brand devoted to making your period easier and more sustainable. With more than nine incredible products in their collection, their underwear is designed to replace or be a back-up to your traditional period products. In short, they make pants that absorb your flow and help to reduce your pad or tampon carbon footprint on the globe.

I know. You already have questions for me.

To learn more about how the THINX pants actually work, visit their website. And to read more about my experience, scroll on!

My THINX Experience

I picked up a pair of the Hiphugger pants in black and was kindly advised by the sales advisor in Selfridges to size up for comfort. It made complete sense because you tend to bloat when you’re on, and this just helps to make you feel at ease. Annoyingly, I bought them pretty much the day after my period ended so they sat in my lingerie drawer patiently waiting for when I’d need them.

I decided to use mine as a back-up for the awkward days before my period came, to avoid ruining my jeans and dresses like I usually do. My period is incredibly unpredictable, so I knew that if anything, they’d come in handy for this scenario. Once it arrived, I managed to wear them for a further 6-7 hours before changing out of them as I wasn’t sure how much more they’d hold. And I can confirm: leak-proof! As a comparison, I’d usually go through 2-3 super tampons in that time.

Then, I rinsed, washed and dried them ready for the next day when I wanted to wear them as a back-up, as my second day tends to be almost unbearable in terms of me having to change a tampon every hour.They were a dream.

Not only are they SO comfy (mid-rise, great bum coverage and a classic hipster style), they didn’t leak at all and were a great back-up.

In fact, I felt so confident that they’d do their job that by lunchtime, I got rid of my tampon completely and could rely on these to see me through until my evening shower.

As I only have one pair, the next day I did end up back to my usual tampon-with-a-pad-backup routine, but I spent that afternoon placing an order to create a full cycle’s worth of pants. What a game-changer.

I can’t guarantee that these will be an ideal fit for you but I can say that these were, hand-on-heart, a worthy investment. I’m not at the stage of using a menstrual cup so these are just as sustainable a choice for me. My main struggles are that my first two days are unbearable. I tend to find myself sitting with a towel on my desk chair and going to the bathroom to change pretty much on the hour, but my THINX pants have given me so much more freedom.


  1. No, it doesn’t feel gross! The fluid absorbs almost immediately. How do I know? Because this curious cat popped straight to the bathroom to check. You know when you ‘know’ it’s happening. I went straight to the bathroom and it’d already absorbed.
  2. For the record, it doesn’t smell either. They’re made with an anti-microbial lining that fights odours (similar to what they put in disposable pads).
  3. I have a pretty heavy flow (soz if that’s TMI!). As in, I bleed through a Tampax Super tampon in an hour on my heavy days (first and second).
  4. The washing process is surprisingly easy and your pants will come with a guide. In short: rinse after use, pop on a cold wash in the washing machine, air dry flat.
  5. I didn’t try these at the gym as I was crippled with back pain and cramps to the point that I didn’t even leave my bed for two days. But THINX do have a gym wear range!
  6. There are plenty of other brands out there selling period panties. Knixteen is a brand that makes period underwear specifically for teens! You can check them out here.

Will you be trying a pair of THINX out? Get £8/$10 off your next THINX order by shopping with my link. This is not a sponsored post, it’s simply the user referral scheme that’s available to every paying customer! You’ll also be able to find THINX in Selfridges London’s Body Studio on Floor 3.

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