As I write this, I’ve got my gym bag optimistically packed and my entry card right beside my phone in a bid to coax myself to those hallowed halls this evening. You see, June has been a funny one for the gym and I. It’s the first month since I joined the gym in October last year that I haven’t managed to consistently work out and it feels weird. A combination of the worst cramps and heaviest period, plus my workload and summer social calendar has meant that training sessions have taken a back seat and instead I’m squeezing in at-home workouts where I can, because it’s infinitely easier to convince yourself to work out when you don’t have to leave the house.

Ever since I began writing fitness and wellness posts on Daisybutter I’ve received a (welcome) flurry of questions regarding how to get started with fitness, and my advice? Well, I’d 100% recommend trying a few things out at home first to get comfortable with working out. I know I personally felt really self-conscious when working out even at home, but a few weeks of consistent once or twice a week workouts gave me the confidence to join a weekly class (my beloved Barre!). Then, around 10 months in, I joined in a gym. I’d thoroughly recommend asking to book in with a trainer during the first few weeks if you’ve joined the gym. They’ll work with you to discuss your goals — and remember they don’t have to be aesthetic goals, they can be ‘to be able to run for 10 minutes without stopping’ or ‘to increase my everyday mobility’ — and develop a simple training plan to follow. These workouts are my go-to’s for at-home training or even as a ‘finisher’ at the gym — yes, I do just crack out a YouTube video or app on the gym mats! It really isn’t that weird!

So, for those who aren’t onboard with the gym just yet, here’s my round-up of the best and most effective at-home workouts:

Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is an incredibly popular YouTube channel, run by Juliana and Mark, who produce both class-based content and creative videos from their travels around the globe. I will always be a strong advocate of YouTube for fitness videos because it’s super accessible and a great way to support fellow creatives as well as begin your fitness journey. The channel encompasses a mix of Pilates, yoga and toning workouts, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a workout for whatever you’re looking for. For the longest time, I didn’t believe in Pilates and yoga, but I’ve been adding weekly Pilates sessions (either as a class or from home) to my routine and it’s really helping my body with its’ slow but steady transformation. Plus, it’s great for helping you relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.

Get Gorgeous Guide

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I LOVE the Get Gorgeous guide by Carly Rowena. I’m coming up to the end of my 12-week plan and will be sharing a complete review in a few weeks, but in short it’s a complete guide designed for everyone from beginner, intermediate to advanced level and can be completed at home or in the gym. I have the physical and digital bundle, as I like to prop the physical guide up on the sideboard when working out from home and reference the digital one on my phone if I’m at the gym. Alongside the 12 weeks of workouts, Carly provides a brilliant overview of her journey, meal planning ideas and the ins and outs of getting ‘fit’ and really understanding what makes your body tick. Like I said, I use this as a complete at-home routine, performing the moves at intermediate level with weights, or if I’m at the gym, I perform it at beginner level after my weighted routine and 15/20 minutes of cardio. I’d thoroughly recommend picking her guide up!

Shop the guide here.

Asana Rebel

This free app is a go-to on my phone, especially on days where I feel like I can’t even find time to watch Love Island, never mind work out. Filled with shorter, yoga-inspired workouts (under 30 mins), the workouts are easy to follow and relatively low impact, but they’ll feel like you’ve done something. I also really like seeing my minutes stack up on the homepage and recently hit the 450 minutes mark! For a small price, you’ll be able to unlock workout plans but I quite like it at the free level. The yoga flow routines are great for a morning wake-up before breakfast!

Download links: iOS / Android.

Nike+ Training Club

Yes, this app features on almost all of my fitness posts, but it’s for good reason! I would say I’m fairly confident at the gym now and I enjoy planning my own workouts for X result, but on lazy days, the Nike+ Training Club is my saviour. Simply tap into the body part group you want to focus on, check the level and timings, tap whether or not you have equipment at your disposal, then follow along on the app! The moves are all described by audio as well as shown in tutorial videos, so you won’t have to worry about not knowing what bird dogs are or how to properly execute a front squat, simply turn up the brightness on your phone, hit ‘play’ on your music and work out. Again, you can see your minutes stack on the homepage and you can ‘Favourite’ routines to go back to. None of them require too much space as well.

Download links: iOS / Android.

Ballet Beautiful via BeFIT

Lastly, I am SO into the Ballet Beautiful workouts via the BeFIT YouTube channel. Before I became a Barre fangirl, I really want to sign up for adult ballet classes but couldn’t find any near me. While Barre is easily the highlight of my week, I did find that it wasn’t as ballet focused as I want it to be which is where Ballet Beautiful comes in. The workouts are t o u g h, but they’re also technically lead and make you feel like a prima ballerina. Be warned — these burn!

Have you tried any of these before? Let me know your favourites in the comments below!

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