Recent escapades & a Filofax favour…

一. There are few joys greater than a slow Sunday with little to no direction and that’s just what today has been. Rising early, sorting out the pup, tucking in to the first of several coffees for the day and pottering around with the London Marathon on in the background… I’m the very forgetful sort of human that wanders into a room and that has already forgotten what she went in there for and Sundays are just prime time for indulging in that trait, right?! Right now, I’m copied up on my Granny’s armchair with another cup of coffee in hand and a few group chats with my friends ticking over.

二. I suppose this week has been all about work and squeezing in some catch-ups over dinner with friends! On Monday, Kim and I headed to SuperStar BBQ by Tottenham Court Road for a much overdue catch-up over Korean BBQ. I hadn’t seen her since she visited Hong Kong and we had an international reunion – all the way back in February 2015. Needless to say we had the best time trading stories, chowing down on good food and having a good ol’ gossip.

Thursday saw me and Winnie wander down to Shuang Shuang on Shaftesbury Avenue to try out the much-talked about hot pot restaurant. From two very happy and very full British-born foodie Chinese gals, we can confirm it’s worth the visit!

Last but by no means least, I made plans with an old colleague (who happens to be a fellow blogger!) Ellie for lunch at Dishoom. Finally managed to visit that bad boy and it won’t be my last visit, I’m sure. I opted for the Lamb Boti Kabab and their chip butty, whilst Ellie had a Mango. Would also recommend the Chocolate Chai (literally me in a drink) and their Bombay Pimm’s because if you can’t have a hot cocoa beverage and cocktail on a Saturday afternoon, when can ya?!

三. I’m part of Filofax’s newest Blogger Challenge this month which launches tomorrow! I’ll share links to vote from my Twitter and Facebook pages so make sure you’re following me on both. It’ll be via their Facebook page so be sure to like them here! If I win, I’ll have a stash of Filofax goodies to give away to YOU!

四. This year, Babybutter and I have decided to run Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life!! We’re running the 5k in July in memory of our amazing Granny Daisy and would absolutely love your support. Whilst we’re not athletes in any shape or form by any stretch of the imagination, we’re really looking forward to it and are hoping to raise £200. I’m yet to share this with anybody but Granny Daisy suffered with both breast and bowel cancer, the latter of which was incredibly devastating on her, and I absolutely believe that one day, we’ll find a cure to beat cancer and the heartbreak that comes with it. If you’re willing to donate anything from £10 to even just £1, I’d be forever grateful.

Donate to our Just Giving page here!

Links I’ve Loved:

  • Winnie shared some photos from her recent escapades at Dover Street Market along with a very indulgent purchase – my favourite!
  • Miho’s travel diaries from Vietnam are finally coming in thick and fast and I particularly enjoyed reading this one about the gorgeous bamboo cottages.
  • Kate Spade has *finally* arrived in London and I just adore these photos from Liv’s outfit post in collaboration with them. Such composition and girl boss envy!
  • I’m forever dreaming of the day I’ll be able to try out New York for myself and Ria’s Uptown Manhattan photo diary has me bursting at the seams with wanderlust.
  • Megan’s post with Pandora all about friendship made me glow with happiness and filled with friendship positivity.
  • And in a similar vein, Rebecca’s post on the importance of strong female friendships truly struck a chord with me.

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