This week I’m writing my Sundaze post on a Thursday evening.

I know. Rules are made to broken and I’m breaking them all! I kid. As you read this post, I’m probably going to be incredibly tired, reclining in my hotel room after my best friend’s wedding(!!) It’s a pretty special occasion, so I thought I’d get ahead of myself and get this written before maid-of-honour duties kick in as of tomorrow.

Making a case for yourself without making a scene

This weekend, I want to talk about making a case for yourself without making a scene. 2018 was arguably the year of wokeness, everybody gathering together — seemingly — to better the world, whether for ethical, environmental, societal or other good.

But what was ended up being the strongest cause for me was not causing a scene. Now this isn’t to say that a good old fashioned march doesn’t make an impact, I’m referring more to the fact that to ‘do good’, it feels as though we must stamp on others, call people out, ‘cancel’ them and more. I could write thousands of words on why I don’t believe in cancel culture but I’ll save that for another time. Let me just talk you through how this topic has personally affected me.

This year, I decided to move to a plant-based diet after being vegetarian for two years. There are many reasons why I chose to do so, but I also choose to do so without pushing it on those around me. In fact, I was super nervous sharing it in my 2019 goals post because I simply didn’t want it to seem as though I was parading it about. And truthfully? That is 100% down to the online culture of feeling as though you could be misunderstood or misinterpreted at any given moment. Additionally, I don’t actively seek out opportunities to talk about my new diet either. I don’t want to be defined by what I eat, but I do wholeheartedly back the reasons why I do eat what I eat. Ironic, eh?

And now that I am quietly plant-based, I’m asked more than ever why I don’t just ‘secretly eat some meat or cheese’. It baffles me. Yes, I know that ‘no-one needs to know’, but why can’t my decisions be respected instead of forcibly asked to go against… my own morals? My response at the moment defaults to, ‘I chose to go plant-based for the good of animals and the environment. Cutting out animal products for even one meal drastically cuts down your carbon footprint.’ I leave it at that.

There seems to be a discourse at the moment where if you’re plant-based/vegan, you must automatically become a loud activist. And I’m just not? My mantra is to influence by my actions, rather than shouting (or talking) inanely at people, and it always has been for every aspect of my life.

What are your thoughts?

First event of the year!

In more light-hearted news, I went to my first press event of the year this week! Paperchase launched their incredible Conscious Living range and invited a group of us to celebrate with brunch at Kalifornia Kitchen.

The range spans across stationery and homeware and focuses on sustainability, a huge conversation at the moment. Each piece is made from eco-friendly and/or sustainable materials and, in classic Paperchase style, is quirky, colourful and stamped with fun slogans. Think pens made from 3D-printed sugar cane, notebooks crafted from 8 recycled coffee cups, and a recycled leather laptop case with organic cotton binding.

It was such a fun morning, and I love that Paperchase are really considering their carbon footprint, being leaders of the stationery world. The team also confirmed plans to roll out their sustainable materials across the entire product catalogue in the coming months! YAY!


I wanted to take a moment to say a HUGE thank you to everybody that’s been using my Instagram hashtag, #seekjanuarymagic. You’re certainly all helping me find more magic in these chilly January days. My goal on the 1st January was to have 50 uses of the hashtag and, as I write this, there are 188 in there!!

I’ll be continuing the hashtag challenge each month — #seekfebruarymagic — and there will be themed prompts dependant on the month, just so it’ll challenge your creativity and magic-seeking eye. I am SO excited.

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