November is right up there for me in terms of favourite months. Just behind March (my birthday month) and December (SANTA!), I absolutely love the chill that November brings, the promise of an evening full of fireworks and sparklers and wrapping up warmest in bobble hats and gloves, no more Halloween antics and the beginnings of Christmas prep. And let me warn you now that this here blog will be FULL of festive flavour shortly! Anyway, this week absolutely zoomed by, for me at least. Work has been busy and my evenings have each been full of dog walks, gym sessions (I’m getting there!) and whittling away at my list of K-dramas and Netflix Originals.

Getting there with yoga

Since joining the gym, I’ve finally knuckled down and started going to weekly yoga classes. This was one of my monthly goals over the summer and I annoyingly never managed to go because I was so terrified of being the new girl amongst a class of super stretchy humans, but I can safely say I’m getting there. And also, classes feel similar to practicing yoga at home and they’re not scary at all. I felt a little vulnerable when expected to close my eyes but sneakily kept them open just to check I was doing things properly. Three weeks in though and I’m already seeing progress in my flexibility and mental health. So damn chill. PS. I’m putting notes together each week for a beginners’ guide to the gym!

Dad and I

This week, my Mum, sister and brother were all away on their travels. Mama and Babybutter were in Hong Kong and Daisybrother was in Budapest with his friends, so Papa Daisy and I had the house to ourselves with a bonus Milo! After getting over the initial ‘why aren’t we on holiday dammit’, we had a pretty great time making fun Quorn meals (trying to convince Chinese parents that you’re a vegetarian is insanely hard) and heading out for father-daughter shopping, lunch and dog walk dates. Forever thankful that I get to spend so much time with my parents.

Date night at Wagamama

Harvey and I headed to Wagamama over in St. Alban’s for date night yesterday. We were headed almost in that direction to the airport to pick the clan up anyway so we decided to have a sneaky date night and try out their vegan/vegetarian menu. And can I say, I was so impressed! Not only that they have a new, separate vegan/veggie menu but that they openly offer it to every customer at the door, instead of leaving guests to ask for one themselves. I tried their Yasai Samla Curry (VG) and it was absolutely incredible.

My new love: Sézane

Along with the rest of the blogging community, I made a little Sézane order. I picked up the Orson jumper in ecru, a beautifully soft wool knit that features Fisherman’s Rib knit in different directions with perfectly voluminous balloon sleeves. I’m in LOVE with it! And, if you’re after a more affordable alternative, our Honey + Chai Penny jumper is a perfect dupe. Available here.

A case for spending more time offline

I feel like I say this time and time again but I’m really trying to make more of an effort to spend time offline. Last week I spent a lot of time trying to force myself to create content but found that it was often the pressure of maintaining so many online profiles when, this isn’t even my job. I’m not obligated to do any of this. I’ve cut out checking emails at weekends now and I’m also making a conscious effort to draw away from Twitter too. You know you’re addicted when you find yourself thinking in 140 characters or less… More soon after a lengthier trial period.

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