What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

I can hardly believe it’s that time of year where the clocks fall back by an hour and we’re plunged into random 5pm darkness. It’s 5.24pm as I write this post, accompanied by an episode of Stranger Things 2 and a bar of the new Green & Black’s Velvet Edition dark chocolate, doing the slow Sunday night declutter around my bedroom in some pointless hope of a tidy room/tidy mind. (A.k.a. the dream Sunday evening set-up.) It feels odd that the entire world is preparing for Halloween and I’ve scrolled through an endless stream of parties of the like and I’m still like, ‘is it March? Can it be Christmas soon?’ My entire year has felt like being on autopilot for something bigger but I can’t put my finger on why. All very strange.

Bertle and Eric turn 4!

On the 24th October, my little tortoises turned 4! They don’t get much airtime on Daisybutter as Milo tends to steal the show a little and Bertle and Eric are a little more reserved. In case you’re new around these parts, Bertle and Eric are my pet Horsfield tortoises. They live in a heated enclosure downstairs and are honestly two of the best pets to keep. They’re growing absolutely huge at the moment and they don’t like being handled, but they do love to snack on kale and strawberries at weekends. Here’s to being 4, little ones!

500 Days

On Friday, Harvey and I celebrated 500 days together! I think it’s more of an Asian custom to celebrate 100-day milestones but I thought I’d share a post on here anyway. I wrote a tiny little piece on Friday, if you missed it. Five hundred days. It feels like a lot and a little all at the same time. Isn’t it odd how you rarely even notice the days zipping by when they’re filled with both routine and surprises? We had a simple celebration of candlelit pizza and cheesecake and coffee on Friday night and then retreated home for…

Stranger Things 2


It’s Stranger Things weekend and I’m currently three episodes from the end. I think this season might just be better than the last! Of course, no spoilers around here, but go and watch it on Netflix right this very second. I command you from the Upside Down.

The Gym for Beginners?

So, we’re two weeks in to the gym life and, dare I say it, I’m actually enjoying it! I can’t even begin to explain how nervous I was before joining but now that I’m just throwing myself in at the deep end, I’m having a pretty good time. A trainer and I have built a weekly workout plan that incorporates my usual weekly Barre class with added cardio, strength training (I learnt how to lift!), body conditioning, a Yin yoga class and Spin. Oh Spin… I didn’t skip a single day this week AND I’ve been making use of the Netflix download feature to accompany me through those cardio days where a 5k run feels like 20. I’m thinking of writing a follow-up post in a month or two with my experience, tips and progress, if you’d like one?

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