This week might have been the fastest week EVER, I can hardly believe it’s already time for another Sundaze. I feel like the past seven days flew by in a haze of work, walks, gaming and reading – all of the usual cornerstones of a Michelle week! And, is it just me, or is there a cloak of burnout enveloping the UK at the moment? It can’t just be me clinging on to the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend as my only chance for revival, can it?

Simu Liu’s book tour!

Louise and I went to Simu Liu’s London book event on Thursday night, and it was so much fun! The event was at EarTH over in Dalston and was an intimate conversation all about life as an Asian American, and his life experiences so far. Simu is so warm and friendly, definitely a good vibes soul. I’m, of course, really interested in learning more about other ESEA diaspora stories and it was nice to be surrounded by people from a similar background. It’s been a while since we came into London for an evening ‘event’, so it was definitely a tiring Friday morning for us both. And, I can’t wait to read his book, We Were Dreamers, for June’s Lit Asian Lit Club read! (You heard it here first!)

Back in a London rhythm

Two 17-hour days in London this week really wrecked me, but I think I might just be getting into some sort of rhythm with work. I’m hoping to pull a lil post together about this soon but, for the first time in literally years, I feel happy and focused with non-freelance work. It feels nice! On Tuesday evening, I popped to an internal work event which was so much fun. Despite being an introvert through and through, I find that networking and just-having-fun events really affirm to me that what I’m doing is the right path. I’m also in the early new commute stages of enjoying the commute as a way to switch off and read a book… let’s see how long it lasts until endless delays and rude commuters change that for me!

The gun violence issue in America

Of course the overarching topic on my mind this week – and several weeks so far in 2022 – has been the shootings in America. First the grocery store shoppers, and then the Texas elementary school children and teacher. As a Brit, it’s hard to really contextualise these senseless killings, but as a human, it’s completely impossible to comprehend at all. I’ve spent a large portion of my week reading into gun laws (LOL) and understanding how we can move forward to support the States with progressive laws and reform.

How was your week? Are you just as ready for the bonus Bank Holiday as I am?

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