Happy Sunday, happy Easter and happy April!! And welcome back to yet another instalment of Sundaze.

This week I thought I’d take a short break from my usual diary-esque postings and share a quarterly update because – believe it or not – we’re already a quarter-way through 2018. A few years ago when it came to deciding whether I’d pursue my blog full-time or chase my dreams to write for a portfolio of clients, I stopped taking my blog ‘so seriously’ and stopped adhering to a calendar as well as checking my statistics. While that didn’t stop or sway my love for blogging, I did find that I began to lose my way and direction. For 2018, I decided I wanted to be a little more pragmatic and proactive with this online corner of mine that has seen me through so many chapters of my life.

My overall aims:

  • Share posts on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, with the occasional Friday post
  • Write a fortnightly newsletter that was led by my love for running a business and living well
  • Add value to each of my social channels
  • Improve my Instagram approach
  • Grow my following

Overall, I’ve found that my posting schedule has worked really well for me! Defining the days that I want to post means I can plan ahead much more easily and I’m able to write and create within my limits. It also means I’ve been able to accept a few more paid partnerships as I can look ahead in my content calendar and see where I can balance my content out. Readership-wise, you all seem to be enjoying a more regular schedule for posts too, with a 19% lift in page views and a consistently growing readership. The Tuesday, Friday and Saturday content breaks are proving fine, as these seem to be great times for other readers to catch up on my posts.

The newsletter is truly going from strength to strength! We hit another subscriber milestone a week or so ago, and I’ve now introduced guest editors as well. Time and time again I’ve attempted to bring in guest editors on my blog and each attempt has been unsuccessful, but the guest editor newsletters are proving a dream.

Subscribe to the fortnightly Daisybutter Coffee Club newsletter here and receive new content, a free downloadable and mini, fun to-do lists every other Wednesday.

I can also see palpable growth across my social channels after taking some time to work out where my focuses for each channel lie. It sounds incredibly mundane, but I took a weekend out to work out what worked well on each platform. Rather than taking away content, this simply meant that I was moving it to different platforms that’d better serve my reader. I realise not everybody that reads my blog follows me on Twitter or Instagram, etc. and likewise people that follow me on Twitter do not necessarily want to be bombarded with blog links and related posts.



  • Losing Facebook likes. (Although I rarely make time for that platform, so it’s to be expected!)
  • Slightly lower engagement on posts as the quarter progresses.

I’d love to hear from you about the growth of Daisybutter so far in 2018. What have been your favourite parts and what would you like to see more of? Have you noticed a shift in content on my social channels?

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