Hello from a much-more-calm Michelle and her cosy Sunday daze! Whew, the frantic mood of last weekend feels like a distant memory, and I can finally say I’ve watched Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana film. I cannot confirm whether I have found any of my useful belongings, which I ended up cramming into any-nook-I-could-see…

With the overwhelming blue-ness of January over, I feel like I’m finally beginning to lean into my 2020 goals and practicing plenty of self-care. For some reason I always feel like absolutely everything I do needs to benefit somebody (possibly a takeaway from the world constantly feeling like it’s on fire), and it’s been a week of just taking time to myself. I’ve ticked off all of my planned gym sessions and Barre classes, enjoyed a pamper day, and hung out with pals AND Harvey. Winning.

“And now I have to live with a BOY!”

I’ve officially been living with Harvey for over a week! As our new family home isn’t ready for a few more weeks, I’ve filled up his room with the contents of my bedroom and my home office, and we’re temporarily shacked up. I’m pleased to report that we haven’t killed each other or argued all that much (yet), and it’s been so nice to spend even more time together. Plus, having him make me a morning coffee and prepare lunches for me (I cook dinner!) is such a novelty. I’ve got a post in the works about ‘being in your late twenties and not living together’, so keep an eye out for that. And let’s start a conversation about in the comments below!

Celebrating Liv’s book launch for The Insecure Girl’s Handbook

On Thursday I broke my own rule and ventured into London on a non-work day. I actually ended up taking it off – I work on my own biz on Thursdays – because there was something incredibly exciting to celebrate… Liv’s book launch!

After my morning Barre class – gloriously sweaty and fun as ever – I got ready at the speed of light and took a train to London to hang out with Ghenet for the first time in months. We moseyed around Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross, grabbed a bite to eat and caught up whilst shooting for our respective platforms. Then we met Gem(!!) for a coffee at Notes, before heading to Drink Shop & Do, a perennial favourite of mine, to the The Insecure Girl’s Handbook launch party!

I feel endlessly proud of Liv for such a huge achievement. I can’t put into words how heartwarming and inspiring it felt to spend an evening in the company of such talented, driven and successful people. Not only did it feel like I’d walked into my Instagram feed IRL, I got to meet so many wonderful creators I’ve loved for ages and catch with others that I’ve known forever. I feel so uplifted about my own content now… it truly does take a village! The Insecure Girl’s Club is such a positive space and movement for all of us women who battle with niggling worries on the daily. The handbook is absolutely gorgeous and it’s top of my reading list this upcoming week. I’ll share a full review and peek inside with you on here on Wednesday.

A sister spa day at Cecily Day Spa!

After the stress of moving 18 years’ worth of ~stuff~ from our old house, my sister Louise and I were in desperate need of a little pampering.

Cecily Day Spa is a boutique spa based somewhat locally in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, and we were kindly invited along to their re-opening party. The space itself is absolutely gorgeous. William Morris wallpapers, pink and deep green hues, velvet furnishings… It’s a really elevated space and the owner said she was aiming for hybrid luxury — she definitely managed it. There are separate rooms for brow and lash treatments, a blowdry salon next doors, and three private therapy rooms for massages. We were treated to a complimentary mini massage (a dream!) and left feeling like new women.

I think little MOT’s like these are such a necessity; my Granny used to get weekly massages in the comfort of her own home and I’m just living for that mood.

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