This might be the finest I’ve ever cut it when it comes to writing a Sundaze post. Like, it’s currently 11.47pm on Saturday night and I’m penning this, bleary-eyed, in bed, desperately trying not to fall asleep.

I’ve had the longest week and shortest weekend ever this week. Completely by accident, I ended up on a caffeine ban because I forgot to buy any oat milk last weekend and our current stock of instant coffee tastes foul black. And in turn, it resulted in a cranky af Mish. None of that golden wonder, sparkling caffeine detox here. Pass me the damn coffee.

An Instagram detox

For a number of reasons, I had a bit of an Instagram detox this week.

I’m loathe to embark on digital detoxes and such because, well, it’s 2019 and everyone is pretty much attached to a device. I rely on my phone far too much to stay in touch with friends and family overseas, and I just like the familiarity of my apps in the palm of my hand. I don’t feel like I rely on my phone as such, but I had begun to feel dependant and insistent on checking my Instagram every other minute and obsessing over what to post, when to post it, to make sure I was engaging with ‘enough’ accounts.

Plus, I’ve been struggling to balance everything at the moment. Work, a few fun blog commitments, real life… Something had to give and this week it was Instagram. I’m slowly posting there again, as of yesterday, so here’s hoping I can establish a more organic approach to that godforsaken app…!

Discovering Kindle Unlimited

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a firm real-books kinda girl and Kindles and e-readers have never really appealed to me. I LOVE a good book but my stash is getting a bit much, even by my standards. A few weeks ago, Harvey won two sets of Kindle Unlimited subscriptions through McDonald’s Monopoly and so I now have access to the mildly controversial book rental system.

Thus far, I’ve already read Fractured by Dani Atkins (wouldn’t really recommend, it was an average read) and I’m a quarter way through Pachinko by Min Jin Lee (LOVE it so far). It’s been a game-changer for reading on my commute, as I can flick through the pages at the tap of a button instead of clumsily try to juggle my KeepCup and staying upright on no sleep and no coffee.

Fresh hair!

I got my hair cut at long last yesterday!

I’d been meaning to get my hair chopped back to a collarbone, long bob sort of length for absolutely ages, and finally got round to booking an appointment. I shared snaps of it on my Instagram Stories and imagine my shock when I checked my phone a few hours later to 60+ messages about it! Far. Too. Kind. I got it cut at a local salon, run by my Mum’s friend, so I can’t really give any London-centric recommendations, I’m afraid (:

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