This week flew by so quickly that I can barely believe it’s time for me to sit down and pen this post! I even grabbed my bullet journal ready to make sense of the last seven days, only to find it completely empty because my Sunday last week was just as busy, meaning I never even got round to planning it.

For the most part, my time has been occupied with work and personal projects. I’m grateful for the ‘busy’-ness, but you could say that I’m leaving almost no time for myself. I’ve read about two pages of the book I’d started (The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt), I’m barely leaving the house for a walk, and when I do find time to myself, I end up hardly even concentrating. Here’s to a quieter week next week…

Filming for a documentary!

The highlight of my week was probably the afternoon I spent filming for a really exciting documentary! I won’t say too much for now, but I was approached back in March for a number of exciting projects, after That Tweet went viral. I’m absolutely thrilled to have been invited by Alex Lockwood to shoot for a documentary he’s been working on for almost a year. My Friday, therefore, was spent filming my segments(!!) and some cutaways, and it was so much fun. Whilst I’m definitely not one to be on video, the team made it so easy for me and, well, it’s always good to be chucked out of your comfort zone once in a while. I can’t wait to share more about the documentary in a few weeks; I’m thrilled to finally be doing a little more for the world with my little voice.

Cosy conservatory evenings

So here’s the thing: I hate glass conservatories. Personally I’ve always felt they’re dated, impractical and a bit of an eyesore. But Mum loves them and desperately wanted one in the new house and so we have one. Great(!) This week, however, my parents were finally able to furnish it with some new pieces. Our conservatory is now decked out with a ladder bookcase, fairy lights and a sofa bed! Which means… my sister and I have been enjoying the most cosy evenings on the sofa, watching Disney+ and eating Buddha bowls! I think we have a long way to go until I’ll ‘like’ the conservatory, but I must admit that the cosy vibes are doing the MOST at the moment.

Fumbling through the thorny tangles

I feel really vulnerable saying this, but what would a Sundaze be without some honest to God, authentic, soul-spilling? The past few weeks spent in lockdown have been immeasurably hard. I’ve not been taking walks outdoors, I haven’t been getting dressed or brushing my hair. About three weeks ago I spent an entire weekend in bed, only leaving briefly to eat. It’s been hard. And, in turn, it’s been affecting my creativity and, thus, my work.

So this week, I made it a mini mission of mine to change that. I’ve managed to get changed every single day. I brushed my hair three times. I completed my entire skincare routine four times. The progress is minimal, but it’s there. Tonight I feel like I’m staggering through fog and fumbling through thorny tangles, but I’m here. I guess what I want to say is that, these things always pass. Even if it takes a while. You’ll feel like yourself again.

Links I’ve Loved

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  3. I’m desperate to make these Library Card Bookmarks!!
  4. My friend Mel wrote about the loaded ‘Where are you really from?’ question on her lifestyle blog.
  5. And Yossy — yep, all-round excellent egg and incredible photographer — wrote about her experiences growing up Black.
  6. Ellie lays the cards on the table with her post about what each of our roles are in the Black Lives Matter movement.
  7. After feeling incredibly down over the last month or so, this post from Sophie Cliff is what sparked me to get back up on my feet again.
  8. And finally, Monica is sharing 10 good things that’ve made her lockdown more manageable.

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