As I write this post, I’m sitting cross-legged at the dining table for six over at my boyfriend’s family’s house. Little Pixie, their chihuahua cross, is curled up in my lap. I’ve a half-finished cup of black tea on my right and a stack of well-leafed notes on my left. Like always, I’m taking a sneaky work siesta and penning my list of ‘Petite joys’ midway through some website reviewing for a client that just might book with me. So there, we’re up to speed on the mundanities of what it really means to be a blogger and actually blog, and I’m definitely not quite up to speed with my work.

This past fortnight has been a blur to me. The past week particularly has been testing, and though I had my three counts of bad luck (one client ending their long-term contract with me due to being usurped as a business, another closing entirely, and then a 4-day illness), there is always something to look forward to and something to bring a smile to my face. (Well, that’s what Bee has been telling me via several messages…!)

That aside, it’s time to reflect on the smaller things in my world. There’s a lot to be said for appreciating the smaller, not necessarily finer details of the everyday mundane. Here’s to another list of petite joys, the moments that’ve brought and woven poetry to my days, this week:

一. A wagging tail and excitable pup that greets me with joy every time I come home, even if things had totally gone to shit that day.

二. Last night’s bubble bath, lined with Epsom salts that of course dissolved, and set to a soundtrack of an entire reel of unplayed YouTube videos.

三. My dream dress for the Blogosphere Awards coming back into stock at the eleventh hour!

四. An on-boarding meeting on Wednesday that was productive, inspiring and successful.

五. Catching up with an old University friend and flatmate and discussing all things business, wedding and hen ‘do.

六. Discovering just how delicious teapigs’ Milk Oolong tea is!!

七. Hitting a new PB at the gym again.

八. Thunderstorms.

九. Taking time away from Instagram and realising that there is life beyond carefully curated squares with meticulously applied filters.

十. Being ill! Because it meant I finally let my body rest and relax (and could watch all of Safe on Netflix in one sitting. I mean, is it technically a sitting if I was laying down and sipping Lemsip through a stainless steel straw?

What’re some of your petite joys, lately?

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