Hello Sunday! What a week. Sometimes when I write these posts, I refer back to my bullet journal to remind myself of what happened when, because I don’t always follow a strict Monday to Friday working week. I find that that in itself usually leaves me in the dust in terms of remembering what happened when, and that weeks then feel like long stretches of undocumented time. This week, it looks like I’ve been to the gym a lot (I ticked off four sessions, and I’m hoping to squeeze one in this afternoon!), visited the groomers’ with Milo and popped to an awards ceremony. Just another week then 😉

The Blogosphere Awards 2018

Thanks to you lovely lot, I was shortlisted for this year’s Blogger of the Year award at the Blogosphere Awards which I am still completely blown away by. I’ve been sharing posts on this blog for more than 8 years now and I often wonder why I still do it after so long if X, Y and Z. Comparison is the thief of joy and yet it is rife in an industry where all of our output is shared and broadcasted to so many people. It’s easy to feel the Black Mirror side of things, and attribute our worth to likes, our success to followers and for others to compare our numbers overall to money earned. But after 8 years, this ol’ blogging dinosaur was recognised amongst so many wonderful blogs! Me!!

The awards were held at the Tab Centre this year, just a short distance from Old Street, London, and it was the perfect venue to host a flock of creators.

White-paint brick walls, paned windows and photo walls provided the ideal backdrop for everybody to capture their red-carpet looks and there was even a hashtag livestream in the main hall! We of course managed to make full use of it by playing Airdrop tennis with fellow guests. (Did I fangirl when I realised it was with bloody Hannah Witton? … Maybe.)

I also got to meet and hang with so many of my favourite ladies, including but not limited to Kaye, Steph, Sade, Sophie and Carly. Needless to say, I left the awards ceremony feeling gin-full, inspired and totally empowered to create even better ~content. A huge congratulations to Carrie for nabbing the winning spot in our category, and to all of the talented winners of the others categories!

World Meat-Free Week

Tomorrow marks the start of World Meat-Free Week, a global movement designed to get people reducing their meat consumption. Whether that’s by cutting meat out for one meal, one day or for the entire week, I’d love you to join me! I’ve made more of an effort to try some of the meat-free products out on the market lately, as I famously stay away from processed foods, but have been pleasantly surprised by some of the alternatives I’ve found. I’ll be sharing my meals on Instagram throughout the week, AND I’m creating content with Quorn Foods, so be sure to check back here on Wednesday to discover the recipes that Papa Daisy and I have rustled up.

A house viewing!

Lastly (sorry it’s a short one this week!) I woke up early in the morning to pop down and see a property with a view to buy for the first time yesterday! Yup, your girl is taking her attempts at adulting one step further. It’s very early days yet, but I’m already incredibly excited at the thought of having my own place again and one that I can wholly customise and decorate to my own tastes. I’ll even be able to commandeer my own work nook again! Keep your fingers crossed for this self-employed gal who just wants to be a real girl.

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