Firstly… happy Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) to everybody that’s celebrating! It’s officially the Year of the Rat and it’s one of my favourite holidays of the year. Wishing you all a year filled with fortune, health and happiness. It’s been a more relaxed holiday at Chez Chai this year, for we’re in the midst of packing mania and because Chinese New Year fell on a Saturday this Gregorian year, both of my parents ended up roped in to help out at friends’ takeaways. I’ve thought this for a while but I genuinely do implore you to consider not celebrating the holiday with a Chinese takeaway, as so many British-Chinese or Asian-American families would prefer to be, well, celebrating at home with the traditional meal and foods.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest… it’s been a really nice, steadfast week. I’ve ticked plenty off my to-do list, managed to get lots of errands run and I feel really content starting the Lunar New Year off with fresh hair, new clothes and a refreshed mindset. I’m sharing a post in a week or so with my 2020 goals and intentions, once I’ve completely figured out what I want from the next few months.

Dinner with Ria

On Wednesday I headed out for a catch-up dinner – very, very overdue! – with Ria. You might know her as one of the co-founders of Blogger’s Bookshelf, and she’s recently moved to London to start a new job! So of course I had to book in a dinner to catch up with her. The restaurant we originally planned to visit was super busy and fully booked, so we ended up at blogging crowd-favourite Vapiano, the perfect spot to rant and rave about twenties’ life, the general passing of time, books glorious books and beyond. If you don’t already read and follow Blogger’s Bookshelf, you absolutely should; here’s their Bloglovin’ page.

Packing has amped up…

Our moving date has been confirmed! And it’s all hands on deck to pack up our family home for the third time in as many months. We’ve lived here for 18 years and, as you’d imagine, it’s chock-a-block with general stuff. Thankfully my bedroom and office had already been de-cluttered a few months before Christmas, so at the moment I’m just living out of a box and suitcase – both of which are coming with me as I move in with Harvey for a few weeks, whilst we wait for our new place to be ready.

Everything feels completely up in the air at the moment, so here’s your fair warning that my ~online content~ may read or be a bit disjointed over the coming weeks. Who knows where I’ll be able to shoot my cosy at-home photos?!

Co-working with Sian

Something that I’m keen to do much more in 2020 is to schedule in co-working sessions with fellow creatives. As Sian is also from my hometown, it makes sense to book in time where we can work on our respective projects but also reap the benefits of being able to bounce ideas off one another and attempt to keep each other on track. On this occasion I managed to sift through a client project, Sian made excellent progress with some Grow & Glow bundles and we both got told off by the librarian for talking too loudly in the communal area…

It’s Chinese New Year!

Of course it’s Chinese New Year! Like I mentioned in Monday’s post, it’s one of my favourite Chinese holidays as there are so many wonderful traditions that we’ve practiced since I was a little kid. Yesterday we donned new outfits and Mum and Dad dished out our red envelopes before they headed to work, so my sister and I rustled up a makeshift CNY feast at home. We’re celebrating properly with our extended family on Tuesday night which I’m super excited for! More than anything else, the holidays are about spending time with family: the rituals and red-and-gold is just a lovely bonus. How did you celebrate?

Links I’ve Loved

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  3. I’m, of course, always looking for new things to read. Here are 16 books that Emily read and loved in 2019; perfect for adding to your list.
  4. This Simple Macramé Camera Strap Tutorial looks like a dream. I really want to make one!
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  6. Sian shared her word of the year in a really fitting and creative way.
  7. I really enjoyed these journalling prompts on The Glitter Guide. They’re part of their gratitude journal challenge.
  8. Lastly, I’m definitely trying out Gem’s Beetroot Falafel recipe once the move is all done!

Posts This Week

I’d love to hear about your week. Did you celebrate Lunar New Year? And do you have any tips for me whilst I do two moves in the space of a month?!

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