Freshly placed into yet another lockdown, I thought I’d take today to collate some ‘Petite joys’ from my world lately. I think we could all do with some joy right now. It goes without saying that it doesn’t really feel like there are many big joys in life at the moment. We may be in a new year, but we’ve retained all of the baggage of the last. I’ve felt fairly shaky this week, and so I’ve not been online so much. But then, I’m faced with the same four walls I’ve been encased in since March 2020… I guess the priority for Lockdown 3.0 is ‘balance’.

There’s a lot to be said for appreciating the smaller, not necessarily finer details of the everyday mundane. Here’s to another list of petite joys, the moments that’ve brought and woven poetry to my days, this fortnight:

一. Scribbling candid words onto paper, now that my 2021 bullet journal is in full swing. This year, I’m going back to long-form journalling, something that I haven’t done in years and years. I’m already finding it incredibly cathartic!

二. A cup of oolong tea to warm up my Tuesday afternoon.

三. Long conversations with old friends, thumbing through memories together.

四. Receiving our first flurry of ‘first orders back’ after Christmas. It feels so great to be back working on & Chai, and we’re SO excited for Monday.

五. Seeing photos of my best friend’s gorgeous newborn – he’s SO cute!

六. The memories and photos shared in my Discord server of all the best moments from 2020; turns out we did have plenty.

七. Cosy evenings tucked in bed watching K-dramas. I’m finally watching Crash Landing on You and not letting myself feel guilty about watching TV without multi-tasking (which is a topic within itself).

八. A very brisk New Year’s Day, socially distanced walk with Harvey and the dogs. Steamy glasses (because of Mask Life), enunciating from 2m away, hands so cold I couldn’t feel them, and a takeaway coffee at the end of it – apparently this is what a date day looks like now.

九. When people remember the tiniest details about you, and send you DMs full of things you might and do like.

十. Getting downstairs to the kitchen in the morning to find someone has already boiled the kettle! Moments closer to tea or coffee!

What’re some of the petite joys in your life lately?

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